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Star Wars Community Mod 7.3

Star Wars Mod with Community Additions!

  1. Species and some small changes

    Added Ithorians
    Added Rodians
    Added Utapauns
    Added Zabraks
    Added Tuskans

    Added Tuskan Cycler Rifle

    Tuskans start out with a basic Gaderffii in their locker
    Wookies start out with basic Bowcaster in their locker
    Rodians start out with a basic DL-44 Blaster in their locker

    Changed Lightsaber graphics
    Added Force Grip. Hold down the primary fire for a second and then unleash on a target. You can lift them in the air for about 5 seconds. Soon as I figure out how to add some damage, I'll change the name to Force Choke

    Added Landspeeder and Speederbike

    If anyone can do a better graphic on the Speederbike, I'll gladly use it and give you credit.

    Was messing around with vehicles and made a Ride-able Bantha. Recipe isnt in the game, but you can use /spawnitem SWMbanthacontroller in admin mode to get it. No animations on it, was just messing around.
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