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Star Trekkers 3.0.2

Species and items from the Star Trek universe

  1. HoloSWEEETS!!

    HoloSWEEETS!! and other stuff!
  2. Ship Items a plenty

    added a bunch of federation ship items
    changed Vulcan starting shuttle
  3. Long missed update for here!

  4. Added some objects

    Federation ship objects

    Consoles for science tactical and engineering

    npcs will interact with alot of the ship objects

    Warpcore - early stages of it

    Crew chair
  5. Romulans!!!

    still working on items and such but i have added Romulans!! also fixed crew and mechs
    only have federation crew atm but will ad racial soon!!
  6. All Racial Panels Are Created Free

    All Racial Panels are Free to craft if you know the recipe witch are learned by picking them up
  7. Return of the Federation Runabout

    The runabout is back and now can only be repaired by the fed engineer it costs only Starfleet Credits all of these items can be found in Federation Crafting Panel

    Credits will be the replacement for money costs in recipes from now on
    i will be implementing them for all races
  8. Trill ,Starfleet Phasers and more

    Added Trill Race they're default items are Starfleet / Human

    Added in some missed recipes for all Trek species

    Made the Federation Versions of Phasers, Phase Chargers and Phase Pistols

    Also for thos that didn't notice i added 16 different patches for Vanilla Species

    1 patch to change ALL to Federation Ship
    1 patch to change ALL to Borg Ship
    7 Seperate patches to change EACH INDIVIDUAL to Federation Ship
    7 Seperate patches to change EACH INDIVIDUAL to Borg Ship

    These are all...
  9. Been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..With out some dope trekkers to step to

    SO much to say first off sorry for the time it took i was jUUUST about done with an update and then 1.0 dropped and changed so much

    so now the only phasers atm are borg but thats going to be the model they are all after w slight variations so they will come soon

    your starting ship is just a little pod, i havent added them to protectorate yet tho...
    you can deconstruct your pod and build the ship you want tho

    if i have missed any bugs please let me know in the discussion area

    I WILL be...
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  10. Rule Breaking Package Delivery

    so i guess the forums do not allow exe

    in some ways i get it but mainly i think its dumb....regardless sorry for any spamming this has caused and extra downloads that may happen

    if you have installed w the exe or the previous version of the modpak this is the same no need to re re download unless you wanna increase my numbers lol
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