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Star Trekkers 3.0.2

Species and items from the Star Trek universe

  1. Been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..With out some dope trekkers to step to

    SO much to say first off sorry for the time it took i was jUUUST about done with an update and then 1.0 dropped and changed so much

    so now the only phasers atm are borg but thats going to be the model they are all after w slight variations so they will come soon

    your starting ship is just a little pod, i havent added them to protectorate yet tho...
    you can deconstruct your pod and build the ship you want tho

    if i have missed any bugs please let me know in the discussion area

    I WILL be fixing the look of my pages real soon sorry for the delay on that

    also thinking of making a duplicate human species for Federation starting reasons
    let me know what you think in discussion area also

    thanks again and happy trekking!
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