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Star Bound Galaxies (SWGPRECU) Server Pack 0.0.1a

A Parody of a great MMORPG

  1. General Lü BU
    Firstly this mod is no where near ready yet for download. I hope the Starbound Admins don't mind me using this space to mark progression steps of my work until it is ready to update. I don't always have access to the same computer and my work will become separated if it's not uploaded somewhere, and this an appropriate place to do it. So thank you to them if it is no problem.

    Star War Galaxies, a MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment, has been discontinued and is no longer a profit gaining commodity of Lucas Arts, Disney, or SOE. This is a disclaimer to say that I will not be replying to any lawyers contacting me on these grounds. As I am not reducing the profits of someone else's work.

    As for the current holders of the Star Wars property, this is a parody of both the property and the Starbound game, under parody law I will not respond to lawyers contacting me on these grounds.

    -Without further ado-


    Introduction Crawl:

    Future Features:
    -The original Professions from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies). These will follow a quest line for each one providing over 650 quests. Novice, Master and 4 tiers of 4 quests for each profession + the main story.
    -Force sensitive quests after obtaining 6 master levels of professions.
    -A total revamp of vanilla Starbound, meaning you will not start with ANY recipes nor are they lootable in the first 5 tiers of star systems. Techs will not be lootable.
    -Hundreds of original items as well as the majority of weapons from SWG.
    -Heavily reliant on co-operation from multiple users. For example a ship cannot be refueled cheaply without a shipwright's knowledge of ships and their engines, nor can a bounty hunter be well equipped without the help of a weaponsmith.
    -Bounty hunting missions.
    -Territory war capabilities. With the use of flags one can obtain planets for their faction.
    -I will start up and run the largest server I can to host as many players as possible.
    -Custom designed anti-hack server software.
    and more

    To Do List-
    Professions: (COMPLETED%) [To Do] {Problems}
    Artisan (100%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing, Craft Table]
    Brawler (75%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Entertainer (50%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Marksman (75%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Medic (50%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Politician (2%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Scout (75%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Architect (15%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Armorsmith (15%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Bio-engineer (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Bounty Hunter (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Carbineer (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Chef (33%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Combat Medic (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Commando(0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Creature Handler (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Dancer (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Dark Jedi Knight (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Dark Jedi Master (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Doctor (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Droid Engineer (45%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Fencer (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Image Designer (15%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Jedi (25%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    JediKnight (0%) [Quests, Recipes,Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    JediMaster (0%) [Quests, Recipes,Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Merchant (30%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Musician (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Pikeman (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Pistoleer (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Rifleman (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Smuggler (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Squad Leader (0%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Swordsman (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Tailor (30%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Teras Kasi Artist (0%) [Quests, Certificates, PvP Balancing]
    Weaponsmith (15%) [Quests, Recipes, Certificates, PvP Balancing]

    Here is a sample of how the character progression works: (source: http://swg.allakhazam.com/db/charbuild.html)

    Main Story USCM, Indigenous, Neutrals (100%) [Story board, Quests]
    Skill System (80%) [Create a skill economy to complete quests, refundable to take new professions later, master tokens to unlock jedi profession]
    Vehicles (0%) [LUA Scripting, Art, Animation]
    Weapons (0%) [recipes, Items, Art, Animation]
    Crafting Tables (100%) [ Interface, Item, Art, Animation]
    Bounty hunting terminal (0%)
    Weapon Skills and Force Powers (0%) [Items, art, statuseffects, recipes]
    Change Vanilla Asset Folder (45%) [Loot tables, starting quests and items, player.config, Introduction to game, remove all items and recipes]
    Custom Dungeons (0%) [Force crystal dungeons, storyline dungeons]
    Prefabricated bases (0%) [basic to advanced architect schematics]
    PvP balancing and server opening (0%) [too much to list here]

    Finished Objectives:
    Main Story Line
    Crafting Tables
    Create a list of all items in game with their respective items and filter them to the appropriate professions.

    Current Objective:
    Finish the basic professions and quest lines.

    Next Objective:
    Release the first alpha version.

    No permissions to edit or take any of my files will be given, if you'd like to contribute I would love some help.

    07/04/2014 -Thanks to Ramones_fan & xxswatelitexx for their insight and helping me to get past a few walls.
    07/04/2014 -Removed Shipwright, Pilot, Force Sensitive User. Added Jedi, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Dark Jedi Knight, Dark Jedi Master. It's been so long I had almost forgot what was where, being the three main eras of SWG (PRECU, POSTCU/PRENGE, POSTCU/NGE) things can be confusing, luckily Web Archive still has http://swg.allakhazam.com/db/charbuild.html for character building with the option to choose any day to month to year that the game was running.
    08/04/2014 -Artisan Quests completed and nearly debugged (see above), Tables are finished and nearly debugged (see above), Items are finished.
    08/04/2014 -Created skillpoints economy, profession certificates and master tokens.
    -Fixed a problem in the modinfo file causing a "Invalid UTF-8 sequence encountered while trying to encode UTF-32 character" error, the game cannot process characters such as "ü".
    09/04/2014 -Artisan profession completed and debugged.
    -All items and recipes have been removed from the Vanilla and stored in the mod.
    10/04/2014 -Couldn't be bothered to code today, today was a day of art. New mod icon, parody logos, intro crawl, and main screen logo.
    21/06/2014 -Started developing and implementing a make-shift holocron system to reflect that of the original pre-cu SWG.
    -Started developing and implementing an experience point system to reflect that of the original pre-cu SWG.
    -Droid Engineer design complete and implementation has begun.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Commander Borges
    Commander Borges
    Version: 0.0.1a
    Why not use the actual Star Wars Intro Theme for it?
    That would make it complete...
    1. General Lü BU
      Author's Response
      I do not own the original soundtrack or movies and so I would be breaking a different copyright law to the ones above in the disclaimer. To avoid any possibility of legal issues to arise I am trying to make it as far, far away as possible from the original franchise.
  2. Silver200x
    Version: 0.0.1a
    how do i get to work i copy all the rar file to root of starbound and load game nothings changed? create new char, but nothings changed?
    1. General Lü BU
      Author's Response
      I will quote the very first sentence of the description "Firstly this mod is no where near ready yet for download." ^^
  3. YukkieNeco
    Version: 0.0.1a
    Good job^^