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Outdated Standbound - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 0.9 v. Enraged Koala

Now you can have a Stand from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

  1. BackupFruit
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure makes it's way to Starbound with "Standbound"!

    *Spoilers for Jojo ahead!**

    "What's a Stand?"

    A stand is "a manifestation of the user's innate psyche into a semi-sentient being"

    It comes from the manga "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" and it gives they basically give the user an ability (or abilities) through a physical manifestation of the ability.

    I've brought them and their abilities into Starbound through the use of techs.













    Techs for the Stands are crafted using the Stone Arrow, similar to how people obtain Stands in the manga.


    For now each race starts with one Stone Arrow and more can be found in Avian Tombs.
    Future Plans
    Green: Confirmed

    Yellow: Probably
    Red: Not Likely

    More Stands like:
    Silver Chariot
    The Emperor

    White Snake

    Any others I can think of

    Outfits of Jojo characters (Work has begun)
    More attacks for each Stand (Work has begun)
    End Goal
    I'm hoping that once I've made enough Stands I could create a sort of multiplayer Jojo experience, with a bunch of people with different stands spread across the universe, meeting up and interacting.

    Once I get enough stands to justify something like that I'll begin balancing out each stand to highlight their strengths and weaknesses against other stand users.

    Before that though they'll be just a neat little thing to use.

    Other Information
    If you've got any suggestions for fixing the Stand's appearence or just ideas for features in the mod, feel free to post them over in the discussion thread.

    I'm totally open to suggestions on how to improve the mod, so let me know if you think something is off.

    If the translation I got is correct, the sound Crazy Diamond makes when he appears is "What the fuck did you just say about my hair?"

    If I finally decide my Stand making it getting way too slow, I could see if I could get other people to help make stands with me.

    Big thanks to the guys over at the starbound-modding IRC for lua help and just being great people.

    Another big thanks to all the artists whose art I stole used for the displays of the stands and outfits.

    Thanks for viewing!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Deeeadly35
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    awfull, the mod is good, but its buried in the cementery (dead)
  2. IanSPACCA
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    Pls i cant play this mod...if you update im so glad of you
  3. Invarkul
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    What version I need to play this mod? 1.3.4 is unable
  4. nicsubishi
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    just needs upate!
  5. Slesh_Master
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    The mod is amazing but it isnt beeing updated
  6. AuHappyGuy
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    Pls update it
  7. Endred II
    Endred II
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    Update it...please...
  8. cul ked
    cul ked
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    its been 2 years the mod is dead..... which sucks! hand it over to someone how will actually update it rather than leaving such an amazing mod to rote
  9. Gir554
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
  10. siraiy
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    looks really amazing, but when is the update? Been about two years now :(