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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.0a

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Whoops, forgot to update here.

    Hiiii what's up. I forgot to upload the v3.0a update here but now it IS here.

    Sorry for the delay. It's just easier to update on Steam for a bunch of reasons. :>
    Changelog below! More additions to come eventually when I'm not bogged down by classes!


    == Weapons ==
    - Added the Tri-Stringer. It's tier 3, and is strong enough to use on both wildlife and in self-defense against other sapients! Get a direct hit on a foe and it'll inflict the Slow status...
  2. Quick fixes...

    Found some clothing and treasurepools errors, and fixed them.
  3. the big two point two oh

    ===== V2.2.0B -- Aug. 30th, 2021 =====

    Kept you waiting, right? I said it'd be done by summer's end, and I just barely made it...
    This update has some big changes, so let's dive right in.

    === Planetary Updates ===

    Many people have reported issues finding Flooded planets thanks to other mods interfering...
    To answer this, vanilla Ocean planets now have features of Flooded planets.

    There are plans to eventually fuse the two entirely, and do away with Flooded planets as to not clutter up...
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  4. Oops!

    I hate JSON. I really do.

    The game shouldn't be crashing for you anymore.
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  5. 1/19/2021: Fixes & Dyework!

    - Some specific items weren't teaching recipes on pickup!
    Things I suggest throwing around: Golden Toothpick, Rebel Idol's Shades, Chill Idol's Hairpiece, Shogun's Helmet, Elite Octoling's Mask, Aviator's Goggles.
    - Also, pick up some Strange Ooze while you're at it, you'll learn something when you pick that up now.

    - The Kamabo Co. Tentacurls should now properly teach all three wig variants rather than just two.

    - Added dye variants to the Bamboo Hat, Grape Tee, Zekko Hoodie, Reel Sweat,...
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  6. Wait, where'd V2.1.1 go?

    Good question, because I don't actually know.


    - The outpost vendors have been revamped!
    Based on my own personal 8 and a dear friend's 3, these two are a little more unique than their predecessors. Both have new custom dialogue and revamped wares, while 3 in particular has some unique style going on too. They're both pretty friendly, although 3's a bit more shy than 8.
    -- You can buy the Sunbathed Scars and Sunbathed Cape, both of which are modeled on our new inkling...
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  7. V2.1 Update!

    Hey, it's been awhile! Between the current health crisis, other hobbies, and just Life Happening, this update's taken some time. But I've been working on some fun new stuff for the mod, following up on 2.0's theme of what hides beneath the surface...

    - Added the Strange Ooze liquid. Recipe is obtained from the CQ-80, like other Octo Expansion-related items; please re-use your CQ-80 to learn the recipe! It can be crafted at the Inkling Crafting Table and at any crafting station where you can...
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  8. Summer Bugfixes

    Caught some bugs with the current version.

    - Bamboozler MK III fixed to actually go pewpewpew now.
    - Surf'n'Turf food item was causing explosions. It's been fixed.
    - FF Marina wig was throwing a tantrum in the log files. Should be addressed now.
    - Reset the Inkling starter mech back to the Hylotl starter one because apparently my custom one isn't working. :) Sigh.
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  9. V2.0.2: Flash Fixes & Shooty Things

    Compiled V2.0.1 + V2.0.2 update because I somehow missed things...


    - Inklings now have some cute secondary color stripes on their arms. :)

    - Added a handful of new body colors, mostly "what if ink tinted skin?" sorts of ones.

    - Tweaked that one weird sleeve on one of the starter shirts, HOPEFULLY that'll stop clipping.

    - Added a bit of content to hopefully bring the mod into full compatibility with Frackin Universe.
    -- It was listed as having incorrect/improper...

    because it only took me forever, didn't it?
    download is back on dropbox because that's way easier for me to manage than GitHub. :')


    The Big V2.0.0 Changelog!


    === i. New Content ===

    - Introducing Flooded planets! These planets, designed after the post-human Earth of Splatoon, are based off of the Oceanic biome but boast resources, residents and ruins not found on vanilla Oceanic planets. They can be found orbiting Temperate and Radioactive stars, so grab...