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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.1 ~ Hotfixes ii

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V3.1B ~ On the Brink of Order

    ~ v3.1b Patch Notes ~

    - Two new objects have been added: the IV Bag and the Deepsea Radio.
    -- The IV Bag can be found in a new microdungeon, and all races learn its recipe upon pickup.
    -- The Deepsea Radio can be found in a new microdungeon, and its recipe is not only learned upon pickup, but also from the CQ-80.

    - Added six new clothing items: Callie & Marie's outfits from Rise of the Mammalians, Splat3's story mode.
    -- These are tier 2 and are upgraded from the basic Callie and Marie outfits. Inklings will know these recipes by default.

    - Added a new Kamabo Co. laboratory microdungeon.
    -- It can be found on Alien and Toxic planets. Most of its NPCs are aggressive while others aren't; there's treasure and new objects to be found there.
    -- Before anyone asks, yes, any in-fighting between its NPCs is normal. Sanitization does a lot of weird things to your brain, after all...

    - Added MORE SLUGS, including the Wasabi and Alternan!
    -- There is also a new codex about dragon slugs because I thought it would be cute; it can be found in Inkling microdungeons and can be learned as a recipe from picking it up!

    - Added six new tentacle colors (five of them usable for accents).
    !! These may be subject to change once I get better references for them. !!

    - Added two new skin tones because I felt options were lacking.
    Let me know if there's any skin tones you want to see-- these guys can have all the same skin tones as humans can.

    - Changed up treasurepools a bit. Different codices can appear in the wild now, and there's two unique treasurepools for the Kamabo Co. laboratory microdungeons as well. (I am going to add more for sure.)

    - Moved some more clothing recipes to be included in the Inkling Crafting Table's clothing section.

    - Inklings should now know the recipes for both Pearl and Marina's outfits from the start.

    - Fixed up the Callie and Marie wigs because wow that was some really old artwork! They look nicer now. :)
    -- These changes are also reflected in the Splat2 story mode wigs and the new Splat3 story mode wigs.

    - Fixed the issue with Neo Agent 3's shoes and og Agent 3's shoes; they shouldn't be stealing each other's shoes anymore.
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