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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.0a

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Whoops, forgot to update here.

    Hiiii what's up. I forgot to upload the v3.0a update here but now it IS here.

    Sorry for the delay. It's just easier to update on Steam for a bunch of reasons. :>
    Changelog below! More additions to come eventually when I'm not bogged down by classes!


    == Weapons ==
    - Added the Tri-Stringer. It's tier 3, and is strong enough to use on both wildlife and in self-defense against other sapients! Get a direct hit on a foe and it'll inflict the Slow status effect.
    -- There will be more tiered bows in future updates, based on whatever variants are released in Splatoon 3.
    -- "but marine we already have the reeflux" It'll happen, just be patient...!

    - The Death Can has a sequel now.
    -- The recipe is learned by picking up the Death Can, so toss it around a bit and pick it up again.

    - All Splattershot, Roller and Blaster models have been tweaked or downright resprited for maximum freshness.
    - The Hero Charger and E-Liter 4k models have also been resprited for maximum freshness.

    - Tier 1~3 chargers, the "light" chargers, splatlings, dualies, brushes and many unique weapons are unchanged.
    -- Light chargers and splatlings may be resprited following review.

    - Chargers in general now make that cool direct hit sound when their projectile hits something.

    == Objects ==
    - Added the Tacticooler, which dispenses a drink of your choice! Refreshing.
    - Added the Squirby, and also the Long Squirby (recipe learned by crafting the Squirby).
    - Added some Colorful Squid Stickers.
    - Added the Smallfry Plush because we love Lil Buddy! <3
    - Added the Inkling Lockers. The basic gray one is a starting recipe, with 4 colorways learned by crafting it once.

    - All I want to do on a cozy winter day is sprite objects. There are so many objects I want to add.
    - namely the Dancing Flower, that is my FAVORITE decoration ever

    == Clothes ==
    - Added the Delinquent's Shark Mask, Delinquent's Tentacles, Delinquent's Sash and Delinquent's Tights. You can craft all of these, or purchase the latter three from the craftable merchants.
    -- The Shark Mask is tier 2, the outfit set is tier 1.
    - Added the Bandit's Eel Mask, Bandit's Side-Braid, Bandit's Top and Bandit's Pants. You can craft all of these, or purchase the latter three from the craftable merchants.
    -- The Eel Mask is tier 2, the outfit set is tier 1.
    -- You WILL appreciate the Bandit's Pants, those took 4 hours to sprite.

    - None of these are dyeable... yet.
    - "where's Big Man???" Later, I promise. Maybe not in the way you expect.

    == Consumables ==
    - Added 9 new drinks for the Tacticooler. They only give one specific buff each, but for a good long while.
    - Added the Chocolate Truffles for festive flair.

    == Crafting Changes ==
    - All purchasable idol clothes are now starting recipes.
    You can still purchase them as normal, though, and in fact it's probably cheaper overall to do so.
    -- This includes: the Splat1 Squid Sisters outfits, the Off the Hook sets (non-DLC non-FinalFest set), and the Deep Cut sets.

    - All other idol outfits remain unchanged. Splat2 Squid Sisters outfits are still tiered armor and wig versions thereof; the FinalFest Off the Hook outfits are still tiered armor; the OE Off the Hook outfits are still tied to the CQ-80.

    - The medal items have been depreciated. You shouldn't be able to craft them anymore, but you can still use, sell, etc them as you like. They've been replaced with the Tacticooler drinks, which are a lot more accessible.
    -- If you REALLY want them back, you can /spawnitem them in like other depreciated items.

    - The assorted IUDB Drives have been updated here and there with new recipes if you're inexplicably not a cephalopod.
    - You can now craft the Inkling Crafting Table and Inkling Kitchen Corner from the Inkling Crafting Table.

    == NPCs ==
    - Agent 3 now sells plain Inkling Lockers.
    - Agent 8 now sells Medkits instead of Raw Tentacle starts.
    - The Kamabo Corporation merchant now sells Raw Tentacle starts, the CQ-80, and the exclusive Pale Inkling Locker.

    - Yes, Agent 3 is now Captain 3. She'll get new clothes in the next update.

    == Et Cetera ==
    - Fixed an issue causing the Basic Splatfest Tee to not teach the player new recipes upon pickup/crafting.
    -- If you don't know the recipes from this item, drop it + pick it up again, or buy one, or whatever.
    - Added more NPC types to the Inkling Spawner object, including the Kamabo Corporation merchant.
    - Flooded planets should appear less frequently now. Ideally, I want to just flesh out Oceanic planets instead.
    - A couple codex entries have been tweaked so their text doesn't escape the textbox anymore.
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