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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.1 ~ Hotfixes ii

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. the big two point two oh

    ===== V2.2.0B -- Aug. 30th, 2021 =====

    Kept you waiting, right? I said it'd be done by summer's end, and I just barely made it...
    This update has some big changes, so let's dive right in.

    === Planetary Updates ===

    Many people have reported issues finding Flooded planets thanks to other mods interfering...
    To answer this, vanilla Ocean planets now have features of Flooded planets.

    There are plans to eventually fuse the two entirely, and do away with Flooded planets as to not clutter up the Temperate Star planet diversity. This will come in a later update so people can have the chance to move their stuff.

    - Added a few dungeons to Ocean planet surfaces, as well as more microdungeons.
    - Added more microdungeons to Ocean planet floors.

    - The Ocean surface now has more native crops, including sugarcane, rice, and dye flowers.
    - The trees of the Ocean surface have a more interesting diversity of parts to pick from.

    - Ocean planets are a bit more generous with treasure chests now. In those chests, you might find rare treasure... or just some packets of ramen.
    -- These treasure pools have been shaken up a fair bit since v2.1; they have a higher chance to give out Super Sea Snails and CQ-80s, and give out more variety in mod items. You may find some of these items in higher quantities now.
    - Ocean planet floors now might have some wreckage and old objects scattered about them.

    === Dye Updates ===

    Nearly EVERYTHING in the mod can be dyed now!
    As like before, all of the dye palettes are designed by hand-- meaning that they all use custom-picked colors, not the Starbound dye defaults. They all look really cool.

    The current items do not have dye palettes:

    - standard Callie and Marie outfits
    - standard Pearl and Marina outfits
    - OE Pearl and Marina outfits
    - FinalFest Pearl and Marina outfits
    - White Headband
    - Golden Toothpick
    - all Sunbathed wigs
    - Agent 3 wig + cape
    - specialty wigs

    There are plans to do dye palettes for all of the idol outfits and the Sunbathed wigs.

    The White Headband is.. well, white, the Golden Toothpick wouldn't make sense to dye, and the Agent 3 wig + cape would be strange to dye. There may be limited dye palettes for specific wigs later.

    === Tenants & NPCs ===

    - Many Inkling tenants now have a wider variety of clothes they can spawn with, including ones with new dye palettes.

    - Inkling tenants are now much easier to summon, needing only the basic tenant requirements and one Inkling-themed item to appear.
    -- Inkling chefs also need one cooking item.
    -- Inkling merchants (standard) also need one commerce item.
    -- Inkling scientists also need one science item.
    -- Inkling weapon merchants also need one combat item and one commerce item.

    - Inkling guards have their own, new breakdowns based on tier.
    Typically they'll need the basics, an Inkling item, one or more combat item, and one or more tiered item. Tier 3 guards require a t3 item, tier 4 guards require a t4 item, and tier 5 guards require multiple t4 items.

    - Added a special Tier 6 guard type. They have a unique appearance, unique dialogue, and require specific objects in their home to appear.
    - Added a special merchant type. They're also visually-unique, have their own dialogue and item sale pool, and require specific objects in their home to be summoned.

    - Inkling merchant tenants have had their item sale pools adjusted.
    - Agent Three and Agent Eight have had their item sale pools adjusted.

    === Item/Object Additions & Changes ===

    - Added three new objects: weapon displays. These cool stands fulfill both "inkling" and "combat" colony tags, and make it very easy to attract Inkling guard tenants.
    -- Inklings know these recipes from the start. Non-cephalopods can learn the recipes by using an Object crafting drive, which can be bought at the Outpost.

    - Added three new Inkling flags to complete the pride collection.
    -- These are unlocked by crafting a Blue Inkling Flag, and like the others, require dye and a flag to be made.

    - Added a new wig. (Thanks so much for your help-- you know who you are!)
    This cool wig has tier 3 stats, and is a known recipe from the start.

    - The Cherry Kicks and Acerola Rainboots now have different pants.

    - The Octarian Forge Jacket no longer has its own ink tank, and has had its shading lightly touched up.

    - Buffed the Death Can's damage to a base value of 19.
    - Added four customizations for the Death Can!

    - The Kamabo Co. Dualies no longer splash ooze with every shot, and inflict light sanitization briefly now.
    - The Kamabo Co. Charger now splashes ooze with every shot, and inflicts moderate sanitization now.

    === Crafting QOL ===

    The Inkling Crafting Table's UI actually looks good now, and as of this update, it takes over the utilities of the now-depreciated Inkling Toolbox.

    - The Inkling Crafting Table can be used to craft Inkling weapons up to tier 3, but anything further requires an upgraded Anvil. It now handles any and all weapon customization in its weapon tab.
    -- Customization now requires the original weapon and 3 to 6 of the specified dye.

    - Sheldon and SplatNet no longer sell Inkling Toolboxes or Filter Cartridges.
    These items still all exist, but have their functionality covered by the Crafting Table and dye.
    -- The Inkling Toolbox and the Filter Cartridges have had their sell values increased.

    === Everything Else... ===

    All the other stuff that doesn't fit into another section goes here.

    - Mild sanitization status (from the Vial of Strange Ooze consumable and the Kamabo Co. Dualies weapon) now does 5% maximum HP in damage per tick over 45 seconds. (Or death in 20 seconds.) Damage multiplier has been changed from 1.35 to 1.5. Afflicted players, creatures and NPCs now experience slight movement reduction to better reflect the slowing effect of processed ooze on their system: they move 20% slower than usual.

    - Moderate sanitization status (from the Berserk Agent's Gaze equip and the Kamabo Co. Charger weapon) now does 7% maximum HP in damage per tick over 99 seconds / as long as the item is equipped. (Or death in ~14 seconds.)
    Damage multiplier is unchanged and remains as 1.85. Afflicted players, creatures and NPCs now experience slight movement increase to reflect the berserk nature of this item's inspiration: they move 15% faster than usual.

    - Severe sanitization status (from physical exposure to the liquid form of sanitized ooze) now does 15% maximum HP in damage per tick over 75 seconds. (Or death in ~7 seconds.) Damage multiplier has been changed from 2.5 to 2.6. Afflicted players and creatures now experience severe movement reduction because this stuff is extremely caustic and nasty in its raw form: they move 60% slower than usual and have extremely poor ground movement.

    - The Inkling namegen has been modified, adding new names and modifying or removing some old ones.

    - Clipping masks for some head items have been modified for better behavior with hair.
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