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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.0a

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. 0.2.1A: Clothes, racial traits & namegen!

    And with another day comes more progress!

    - You can now craft some cool Cherry Kicks or a dizzying Vector Shirt at your spinning wheel. But despite having proper .recipes and item info, the hats aren't showing up in there. It's starting to make me want to give Inklings their own unique clothes crafting station.. or ask for help. Anyone know what's up here? :')

    - Inklings now have unique racial traits!

    They are slightly faster and can jump a bit higher than vanilla races, and have a natural resistance to everything mud and slime. And thanks to being rather gelatinous in body composition, they also take quite little fall damage even from a height!
    This also means that a particular weakness of theirs now takes effect, and that's water. While inklings can tolerate water in small amounts, like rainfall and puddles, they begin to dissolve if under for too long. In other words, be careful when swimming!

    - Inklings now have a unique namegen!
    The available names now fit inkling culture a lot better: in the namegen is a mishmash of Japanese names, quirky words like various colors + natural phenomena + nouns with fun meanings, and references to the scientific names of squids.

    - Miscolored tentacle styles have been fixed, and can now express marking colors properly. Also the octoling tentacle style doesn't clip as badly with the arms anymore, so that's nice too. Still a bit fussy on its markings, though..

    - Fixed a crash with the respawn animation. It shouldn't crash to the main menu anymore -- keep me posted if this keeps up.
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