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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V3.0a

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Clothes: The Beginning!

    It begins! I'm figuring out items pretty quickly, it's pretty great -- and I may now have a friend on board as a guest spriter for clothes and weapons, too!

    So, here, have a 4:30 AM update:

    - 2 clothes sets, with one including a hat! They can both be selected on the character creation screen, and all of them can be crafted at the spinning wheel.
    It's just normal clothes: these are just for aesthetic so you can look fresh while you wear human armor underneath. Or whatever other armor you might find! (Nobody's judging.)
    --> Depending on how things turn out + what kind of input I get about it, I might have various pants/leg armor exist as various shoes layered over the basic shorts. It saves me time and fits Splatoon's canon and aesthetic pretty well, you know? There'll still be sweatpants and other cute pants too, though.
    Squids just.. really like shoes, for some reason.

    - A couple new styles for your head, pushing the total tentacle styles to 13. I'm still tweaking the markings / suckerpads on some of them, so don't grow too attached to anything beside the general shapes.

    - Little updates on the feet of the female body base to have a bit more consistency between frames, they shouldn't flicker as much now.

    - Various vanilla race NPCs should have something unique to say about you now, with their interactions reflecting the lore I'm developing. This feature's still heavily in testing due to technical limitations on my end, but it should be functional. As usual, af anything weird happens, let me know and supply logs.

    - There might be other little things that I forgot to mention. Emoting's been edited a bit, and this may continue until I'm completely happy with how all the expressions look.
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