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Spouse Rooms Redesigned Ver 07 28 Nov 2017 for1.2

Redesigns all of the spouse rooms.

  1. endermaryn
    Download here! The new version is not showing for some reason and is still using the old version as the download. So do not use the above download button!

    Alternate Rooms:



    abigail.png alex.png elliott.png emily.png haley.png harvey.png leah.png maru.png penny.png sam.png sebastian.png shane.png Spouse rooms edited.png abigailrequest01.png harvey02.png

    I never much cared for Harvey's room. So when I figured out how to edit maps, I decided to give the room a touch up. Then I went ahead and did Alex's too because it looked the most underwhelming out of all the other rooms and the wallpaper was so juvenile. Finally, I worked on Elliott's room for, out of all the rooms, it was the one I disliked the most. Since then, I have done Leah, Maru, and Sam's rooms by request. Then with the update I needed to do for game version 1.1, I decided to do all of the others also.

    I'm open to suggestions/requests so feel free to ask.

    It's too bad animations do not seem to work in the spouse room like they do on the farm map. The lights would turn on and off if so. And the grandfather clock in Harvey's room would actually tick.

    Here are the game's Vanilla Rooms.

    Spouse rooms vanilla.png


    Built with game version 1.2.33

    28 Nov 2017 - Uploaded Ver. 07. Minor tweaks with layers in Haley's room. Fixed a floor tile in Sam's room. Fixed the floor board in Elliott's room. Moved Abigail's drums away from the wall and made the rug longer.

    Made an alternate version of Abigail’s room by request. Took out the TV and added a bookshelf and a few items. Like a spider web. The request was for more but there is a big limit to what can be added to the spouse rooms. Still, I hope the changes are well received.

    I also made an alternate version of Harvey’s room it which I took the radio out and replaced it with a bookshelf.

    Built with game version 1.1

    14 Jan 2017 - Uploaded Ver. 05. Moved the book on the floor in Sam's room so it is no longer in the middle of the floor. Fixed the plant. Replaced the plant on Leah's desk with a camera. Took out the sofa in Maru's bedroom and added more science things and a periodic table. Moved around the art on her walls. Deleted Elliott's nightstand and moved the plant to the top of the bookcase. Swapped the picture of two trees for a different one. Fixed Alex's dresser. Gave Harvey his radio back and removed the bookcase. Exchanged tree picture with balloon picture. Added edits of Abigail, Emily, Haley, Penny and Shane's rooms.

    16 Jan 2017 - Uploaded Ver. 06. Fixed an issue with the painting in Emily's room cutting the parrot's head off by moving the painting over and deleting the window. Also moved the TV and gaming console over and put the refrigerator back in Shane's room so he no longer stands on his console and talks about what he wants to drink. Sort of immersion breaking.

    Built with game version 1.07

    22 May 2016 - Uploaded Ver. 01 of the mod. Contains rooms for Alex, Elliott and Harvey.

    24 May 2016 - Uploaded Ver. 02. Repaired Abigail's room by fixing weird wall and item placement. Changed the Default version so that the redesigned rooms no longer overwrite unused room slots 10-14. Added Maru's room.

    25 May 2016 - Uploaded Ver. 03. Replaced the tiny bookshelf in Elliott's room with a larger one and gave him back his model ship. Also changed the color of the floor and side table in an effort to brighten up the room. Added Sam's room.

    29 May 2016 - Uploaded Ver. 04. Shortened the windows in Alex's room. Adjusted file structure to account for an additional Non Default file where Leah's room takes the place of Harvey's. Added Leah's room by request.

    Abigail’s Room(Added 14 January 2017):

    Abigail's room did not need a lot of work and actually looked just fine as is (in my opinion). However, since I was doing most of the other rooms I decided to touch hers up a bit too. For example, I took out the fishes in the wallpaper and gave her more adventure gear and a map to go with her sword.

    Version 7 saw a minor change to the drum set and the rug. Made an alternate version of her room .


    Alternate Version
    Download here

    Alex's Room:

    The vanilla room looked so plain and boring to me. And the wallpaper was an old remnant of his teenage days. I figured he is a young adult and it's alright to hold onto one's childhood in certain ways. Such as dreams, hobbies and passions. So I allowed him to keep one of his posters and I gave him a new one. But that wallpaper? It was a bit too much.

    Version 4 saw a small change to the windows. Version 5 fixed the dresser.


    Elliott's Room:

    Elliott is supposed to be an author but he only has barrels, wood and bookshelves in his room. I did not find this believable. How is he supposed to work on his novels? So I gave him a desk and a typewriter to write with.

    Elliott's room was the difficult to design. For example, I started out with two desks but then went down to one. And I had a hard time choosing between a typewriter or a computer among other things. But the hardest part was trying to get his rose and bonsai from his beach house to show up in his room. I could choose the icons and place them just fine on the tile sheet but they would show up again and again as strange colored tiles in game so I eventually just gave up. This is disappointing as I would have loved to get at least the flower to work. For an item that was important enough to make it into a cutscene, not having it become a part of Elliott's vanilla room seemed like a large oversight.

    Overall, I think the new room is a vast improvement.

    Version 3 saw small changes to the room. Version 3 saw a change to the floorboard.


    Emily's Room(added 14 January 2017):

    Emily's room looked unfinished to me and very empty. So I enlarged her table to give her more room to work and added shelves with more cloth for her to use. With the addition of a loom to make thread and a chair to do needlework and such in, the room should look more like a proper designer/tailoring studio.

    Version 06 saw a minor fix and change to the room.


    Haly's Room(added 14 Jan 2017):

    Haly's room was another that did not need a lot of work. I simply changed the wallpaper, added lights, put up the camera and tweaked the artwork, wallpaper, and floor rug. Small edits but that is all the room needed.

    Version 7 saw a minor to the layers on the board in her room.


    Harvey's Room:

    Harvey’s Vanilla room did not really have any problems. Vanilla wise, it is a nice enough room. I just felt that it was not doctor-y enough. There were no book shelves to store all the medical journals and books he had piled up on the floor. Which was messy. I also felt that having his hobbies stay confined to his room above the clinic would give him a nice incentive to leave the farm and get out more. He can work on his models and radio there. I left the plane poster alone though and added a hot air balloon. I thought it fitting.

    Version 5 saw some major changes to the room. I took out the bookcase and put Harvey's radio back. Now he won't stand in front of where it used to be and talk about using it when it isn't there. I personally like the bookshelf better but having both in the room made it look too cluttered so I had to choose.

    Version 7 introduces an alternate version to the room. I still really miss the bookshelf. So even though it makes more sense to have the radio in there, I took it out and replaced it with a bookshelf and added some model planes on top.


    Alternate Version
    Download here

    Leah's Room(Added 29 May 2016):

    It was pointed out that Leah's room was much too empty for an artist. I agree. The artists I know tend to have very untidy workrooms and their art proudly displayed. While Leah does not proudly display her own art (I was reminded that putting another sculpture in her room would ruin its uniqueness), she at least now has some art on her wall and a shelf of art supplies. Also, as requested, her room contains a lot of plants. With ivy on the wall! This may be a little impractical but I think it's pretty and that it suits her.


    Maru's Room(Added 24 May 2016):

    It was pointed out that Maru's room looked as if she were in the process of moving and that it looked more like a garage than a room. And I had to agree. It did look rather uninhabitable with the lack of furniture and other comforts.

    I extended her wallpaper further down the wall, added surfaces for her computers and gave her some furniture. Now she can work in comfort.


    Penny's Room(Added 14 Jan 2017):

    I designed Penny's new room with her job as the local educational instructor in mind. She may not have Jas and Vincent over much, but her room will now look inviting when they do come over. To accomplish, I shortened the bookcase for shorter people, put up cute wallpaper and art on the walls, and added cookies to the activity table. Yum! The room looks much brighter and inviting now.


    Sam's Room(Added 25 May 2016):

    It was pointed out that Sam's room needed more clutter in it. I had to agree. He's in a band, possibly as the lead song writer, so having drafts of song lyrics lying around would not be out of place. The request also asked for Joja memorabilia and pizza. I did the best I could. He now has an endless supply of home baked cookies and Joja Cola. He also now proudly displays the Joja company logo on his wall.

    Version 5 saw a minor item placement change and fixed the plant. Version 7 fixed a floor tile.


    Sebastian's Room(Added 14 Jan 2017):

    There was a request to make Sebastian's room more grownup. (Sorry it took so long!) I hope this new look accomplishes that. To achieve this, I changed the wallpaper so the room looked less like a dungeon and added another computer for Sebastian to work on. I moved his 'vase' and game board to a table in the corner to signify his new, more adult personality. As adults we often no longer always have time to do the things we love, such as play board games. But we should not have to get rid of those things just yet either. Therefore, the game will be there when Sebastian has time to pull it out. As for his 'vase', Sebastian stops smoking after he is married so I moved it to a less prominent position in the room but did not trash it completely.


    Shane's Room(Added 14 Jan 2014):

    Even without all the requests to do Shane's room, I would've done it anyway for it was in desperate need of a makeover. I nixed a lot of the items in Shane's room. The footprints and trash had to go of course, but less obvious needed adjustments were the beer on the floor and the mini fridge. There is a nice, big fridge in the kitchen. It's even on the same level so there is no reason to be lazy. As for the beer, whether or not Shane has kids, it being on the floor looked tacky. He can store that in the kitchen where there is a lot of cabinet space. And if he has kids then why is there beer out where a child could easily drink it?! The end result is a room that looks less cluttered and the rug on the floor pulls the entire room together.

    Version 06 saw a minor change to the room. I decided to put the refrigerator back so that Shane won't stand on his console, face the T.V. and talk about deciding what to drink.



    For game version 1.2.33 and newer:

    Same as before, simply extract the file to Stardew Valley's game folder and let the folders merge and the mod overwrite the file in the 'Maps' folder. Or extract the file and cut and paste or drag and drop it into the proper location.

    The file structure should look like this: /Stardew Valley/Content/Maps

    For game version 1.1 and newer:

    With the 1.1 update, SpouseRoom Mod by Watagatapitusberry no longer works. Therefore, there is only one version of the mod and it replaces all of the vanilla rooms by default.

    Simply extract the file to Stardew Valley's game folder and let the folders merge and the mod overwrite the file in the 'Maps' folder. Or extract the file and cut and paste or drag and drop it into the proper location.

    The file structure should look like this: /Stardew Valley/Content/Maps

    For game version 1.07 or older:

    There are two versions to the mod. One that adds the six rooms without overwriting the vanilla rooms (Non Default) and one that does (Default). The .rar file contains both. Just choose the desired version and copy it to the Maps folder in the Content folder of the Stardew Valley folder. Make sure to backup the original file first.

    The Default version does not need anything to get it to work. Upon loading the game or upon getting married, the new room will take effect and be immediately visible. As of Ver. 02, the rooms do not overwrite any of the unused rooms. If a player is using SpouseRoom Mod and wants to select Jas' room (Num 12), for example, they can still do so.

    The Non Default version will immediately take effect too. However, unlike the Default version, the player will not be able to see the new rooms unless they use a mod like SpouseRoom Mod by Watagatapitusberry to change the room the game sees to 10 for Harvey OR 10 for Leah, 11 for Maru, 12 for Sam, 13 for Alex and 14 for Elliott in the mod’s generated config file. This means that the unused rooms that originally used those spots were overwritten by this one. Thus, a player can no longer select the appearance of Jas' room (Num 12) for example. SpouseRoom Mod requires SMAPI version 0.39 or greater to work.

    Ver. 04 introduced Leah's room but in so doing, had to overwrite Harvey's room. Therefore, there are two choices for Non Default: The folder titled 'Harvey Maru Sam Alex Elliott' and and the one titled 'Leah Maru Sam Alex and Elliott'. Harvey and Leah share the same spot for room 10 so choose the desired Non Default file. All other rooms remain the same.


    This will conflict with any mod that replaces spouseRooms.xnb in the Maps folder.


    This mod was a lot of fun to make. Thank you for everyone's support.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. LukeThunder
    Version: Ver 06 16 Jan 2017 for1.1
    Hope come for beta, i'm play the game in portuguese, but nice work
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I hope you enjoy the game. :)
  2. Yoseiri
    Version: Ver 06 16 Jan 2017 for1.1
    I love this mod but can you add more for Abby's room, like give her room a shelf that have a puffer fish plush, maybe some amethysts, books or something else? (also can you please remove her TV?)
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      I am currently working on the mod to update it. I'll take a look and see what I can do about your requests ;)
  3. HiHaHi123
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      I'm happy you like it!
  4. Farzaxis
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :-}
  5. Granny_Pants
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    Omg this is beautiful and amazing. Leah's and Elliot's room make 100000x more sense. I don't know if you've seen Shane's room in 1.1 but dear lord help the man, that room is a wreck. Dirty shoes inside the house... THE INHUMANITY! I don't know if I can commit. T_T
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      I am currently working on converting the mod to ver 1.1. I took a look at Shane's room. It is a mess!!! By Jove, no thank you. What are those footprints doing there? And are those tire hubcaps? O.o
      I certainly intend to fix his room up. I'm glad you like what I have done se far. Thank you for commenting :)
  6. game9
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    Thanks for sharing it! This is very good!
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      Thank you! You are very welcome. ^_^ This mod was a lot of fun to make. I am happy that you like it. :-}
  7. Cerius
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    I really love what you've done. I'd always thought the the spouse rooms were a bit bland but the way you've changed them makes them look lived in and natural. Keep up the good work <3
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! I am pleased that you like the changes ^_^
  8. MoonlitBrenya
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    Thank you sooooo much for this! Amazing work. Now, seeing as how I am weird as I am, I can actually see myself marrying Harvey, now that his room won't clash so much with my taste. And my current beloved, Elliot, says thank you for the typewriter.
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      You are very welcome! I am very glad that you like the edits and Harvey's new room. <3 Amazing how such a little thing can make such a big difference!
      Aww! You're welcome, Elliott! Writing your next book should be a lot easier now ;)
  9. Trulley808
    Version: Version 04 29 May 2016
    Great Job!
    1. endermaryn
      Author's Response
      Aww! Thank you ^_^
      I love your icon! <3