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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Update 5 - A Responsible Update

    The mod has become open source and moved to github!
    Quick summary of highlights in this update:
    • Tabula Rasa integrations
    • Items with no interaction or placement ability moved to materials tab
    • Glow effects reworked for better ambient lighting
    • Learn any race's flag by picking it up
    • Flashlight beams are almost identical to the scanner's light
    • A lot of 'spooky' things are more serious again
    • Major cross-mod compatibility pass
    • Vending machines don't buy things from...
  2. Update 4 - Anniversary Update

    Changes added by Update 4:
    - More snarkiness scattered about
    - Vast improvements to mod spookiness (including new ways to meet Mr Spooks!)
    - Energy Pickaxe is obtainable again, and improved
    - Perfect armor is perfect again in 1.3
    - New hats, instruments, and weapons from 1.3 added to their respective shops
    - Prize counters now sell plushies and toys for tickets
    - Prize tickets are given out as rewards from loot bags
    - Status Pods now have nine new possible effects
    - All distortion spheres...
  3. Patch 3.2 - The "Later Update"

    Changes added by 3.x Patches:
    - EPPs provide shared protections (vanilla behavior; by popular demand)
    - Weapon Upgrade Anvil is purchasable from Treasured Trophies
    - Doomcannon is purchasable from Treasured Trophies
    - Doomcannon brings the megadeath
    - Various incompatibilities and exploits fixed
    - Challenge doors now cost Ancient Essence to buy
    - Unapparent Apparel sells festive hats
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  4. Update 3

    Changes added by 2.x Patches:
    - Energy pickaxe changed to Separator item
    - Various in-mod selling and food exploits fixed
    - Various files optimized for better compatibility
    - Various spelling and grammar fixes

    Changes added by Update 3:
    - EPPs provide individual non-shared protections
    - Backpacks that should provide air actually do (ex. Oxygen Tank)
    - Wings provide jump boosts equal to an augment
    - AA Battery Pack adds additional energy capacity
    - Toxic Flower Backpack will block poison...
  5. Update 2

    Changes added by Update 2:
    - Scanning missions are no longer automatically skipped
    - Spike ball slowed down to prevent falling off things
    - Sprinting won't restrict using other tech or items
    - EPPs emit a small amount of light
    - EPPs aren't destroyed in crafting
    - EPP text improved to be more scientific/helpful
    - Challenge doors are sold at Treasured Trophies
    - Challenge doors can be collected
    - Antidotes stack to 1000
    - Weapon shop sells boss items after beating that boss
    - Energy pickaxe...
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  6. Update 1

    Changes added by Update 1:
    - No more startup animation
    - Play modes are now NORMAL, EXPERT, and HARDCORE
    - 66 new facial emotion triggers for chat
    - Portable Pixel Printer is back
    - New Shop: Unapparent Apparel - Selling decorative hats (hidden in The Outpost)
    - Translocator, Fishaxe, and Super Fishaxe added to Treasured Trophies
    - Infinity Express sells six new novelty items
    - Radio messages don't provide constant arbitrary praise
    - Rocket Spear ability rebalanced to be a better mobility...