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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Update 4 - Anniversary Update

    Changes added by Update 4:
    - More snarkiness scattered about
    - Vast improvements to mod spookiness (including new ways to meet Mr Spooks!)
    - Energy Pickaxe is obtainable again, and improved
    - Perfect armor is perfect again in 1.3
    - New hats, instruments, and weapons from 1.3 added to their respective shops
    - Prize counters now sell plushies and toys for tickets
    - Prize tickets are given out as rewards from loot bags
    - Status Pods now have nine new possible effects
    - All distortion spheres have enhanced handling and mobility
    - All distortion spheres negate fall damage while in ball form
    - Spike Sphere won't fall off walls now since the description says so
    - Aqua Sphere can now move freely in water instead of on top as a boat
    - Sonic Sphere is substantially faster and easier to control
    - Blink dash can now blink further, in mid-air, and without landing
    - Wall jumping now refreshes it's double jump
    - Rocket jump launches faster and goes further than before
    - Station vending machines reworked to sell mech salvage instead
    - Mech Part Crafting Table is now craftable like any workstation
    - Mech Assembly Station can be purchased from the tech dispenser
    - Mech blueprints can be traded for at Beakeasy
    - Mech battery pickups heal twice as much energy
    - High tech mech parts balanced out to create aesthetic choice
    - Simple mech parts improved to be worth using
    - Solarium tier mech arms buffed to match endgame weapon strength
    - Shield drone can now deploy up to five orbiting shields
    - All mech drones last longer (2-5 minutes) and have reduced cooldowns
    - Outpost mech missions now actually give rewards
    - Buy your very own personal Rob Repairo
    - Terraforge is purchasable from Treasured Trophies
    - Player station transponders now cost the same as any other device
    - Player stations require exponentially less resources to upgrade
    - Mazebound64 returns to Hylotl arcades
    - Jeff is now just as spooky as you'd expect him to be
    - Shawl of Elation is now more uplifting (low gravity)
    - Mining the core of moons now drops solarium ore
    - Various quest text updated to remove arbitrary praise
    - Immense overhaul of rarity levels to reflect item value
    - Amazing new features added to the Starbound Arcade Machine (removed before releasing)
    - Previously missing augments are now craftable
    - Avian god wings now hold a mysterious ancient power
    - Augments Research Station is now obtainable again
    - Foods that claimed to be spooky are now actually spooky
    - Developers wear fancier clothes when visiting the outpost
    - New tiered descriptions for pickaxes and drills
    - Toymaker's Table returns for festive cheer
    - Glow grenades are back (The Night Light)
    - More Protectorate items at the Industrial Workbench
    - Upgrade modules such as tech cards now go in the materials tab
    - Terramart Shipments buys items at full price just like shops
    - Terramart Shipments now accepts all mining materials (even unobtainable ones!)
    - Terramart figured out what Cotton Wool is and realized people want to buy it (now sold)
    - Five new blessings from Tonauac (outpost bird)
    - Lava immunity status effect is now obtainable as Magma Mitigation
    - Electric aura status effect is now obtainable as Energy Aura
    - All instruments are now psychic (playing multiple at once will overload your brain)
    - All instruments have been made slightly cheaper
    - Teleporters have been made into platforms by asking the player to walk around them
    - Ship lights are harder to accidentally break
    - Ursa Miner now sells Ore/Cave Detectors to expand their collection of nearly useless tools
    - New racial descriptions as part of Spooky Tweaks' gradual usurping of the lore
    - Chip Tunes no longer sells instruments until it's been unlocked by progressing the 'story'
    - Challenge door costs at Treasured Trophies are now more reasonable
    - Grappling hooks reduced in cost and rarity to be an earlier game item
    - Boss doors are now printable for all your one-way needs
    - Drill Spear mobility buffed for maximum heavens piercing potential
    - Some items from the Protectorate intro mission have been made craftable
    - Thorn Fruit now stack to mildly reduce their immense annoyance
    - Lana's supply business has improved to compete with augment crafting (outpost augment merchant)
    - And many other changes...


    1. U4 - 2 - Functional Arcades.png
    2. U4 - 3 - Platform Teleporters.png
    3. U4 - 4 - Enhanced Tech.png
    4. U4 - 5 - Mech Stuff.png
    5. U4 - 6 - Spookproof Shields.png
    6. U4 - 7 - Affordable Stations.png
    7. U4 - 8 - Terramart Ores.png
    8. U4 - 9 - Psychic Instruments.png
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