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Spooky Scary Halloween Special 2.5 That's all folks!

Halloween Spirit For Everyone!

  1. Post Halloween Wrap up.

    Fixed a few bugs involving the tenants being stingy with their candy. After a little bit of convincing, we've managed to persuade the tenants to give you more candy to make up for losses.

    I am also going to let this mod remain in it's current state for a few more days before assigning some of the major Halloween themed parts to a sister mod.
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    From the way things are shaping out, this might be our last content update for this mod. But don't worry. While this may be our last update, this doesn't mean we are just going to toss this mod out the window at the end of the season. We want you to enjoy the content that is within this mod, so we will end up stripping out all of the major Halloween items from this mod once the holiday is completely over.

    We hope you've had just as much fun using this mod, as...
  3. Spookiness Intensifies

    Alright good folks, it's time for a little content update for this version of the mod.

    - Fixed a few of the item recipes, so that now the the materials should make a little more sense.
    - Other lesser bugfixes.

    New furniture:
    - the Eerie Music Box
    - Halloween Banner
    - Misc party themed furniture

    Costume items:
    - Skeleton Costume
    - Scary Witch Head

    - Pitchfork
    - The Sweet Tooth
    - Cavity Creator
    - Haunted Headtaker
  4. Hotfixes

    - Pumpkin seeds are now available for purchase at your local Terramart

    - Item recipes should hopefully generate properly now that I remembered to add in a player.config file.

    Sorry for any frustrations that may have been caused by this previously broken mods. These kind of things tend to happen when you have such a short time frame to get it completed.