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Spooky Scary Halloween Special 2.5 That's all folks!

Halloween Spirit For Everyone!



    From the way things are shaping out, this might be our last content update for this mod. But don't worry. While this may be our last update, this doesn't mean we are just going to toss this mod out the window at the end of the season. We want you to enjoy the content that is within this mod, so we will end up stripping out all of the major Halloween items from this mod once the holiday is completely over.

    We hope you've had just as much fun using this mod, as we've had creating it!

    - Devil costume added
    - New Mask items added
    -Revamped Halloween Gift Pool:
    The Halloween Mystery bag's treasure pool has been completely revamped, and will now give you flasks, candy, and even special costume items!
    - Balancing tweaks for Weapons
    - Assorted crash inducing bugs have been squashed
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