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Outdated Sparkz v2.1d

A fresh variety of wired objects: sensors, displays, numeric logic, scanners, printers, and more!

  1. 2.1c - more bug fixes and improvements

    -fixed a lot of bugs with data transfer and validation between memory cells, layer swappers, scanners and printers. these objects should now connect much more reliably
    -made block printers overwrite blocks (including empty space)
    -made block printers no longer drop tiles that cannot be placed
    -block scanners and block printers can now be activated with 'E' even when inbound wires are connected

    -wires will sometimes be disconnected or improperly connected after loading a world. I think this is (at least in part) a bug in the vanilla game, but I'm looking into it. if devices fail to transfer data, try disconnecting and reconnecting them
    -the states of memory cells, printers, scanners, etc are confusing, so I'm working on some graphics with better visual affordance
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