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Outdated Sparkz v2.1d

A fresh variety of wired objects: sensors, displays, numeric logic, scanners, printers, and more!

  1. metadept
    NOTICE: This mod is no longer being updated, but the content is still available (along with much more!) in my new collaborative mod, Starfoundry. Come check it out!


    This mod was created to add wiring and logic functionality above and beyond that which is available in the vanilla game, by adding a variety of wire-interactive sensors, logic blocks, and actuators.


    Sparkz comes in two release versions: a survival release which includes (more or less) balanced recipes for Sparkz items, and a creative release which allows any Sparkz or vanilla wiring items to be crafted for free from the Wiring Station or a Tabula Rasa. For the creative version simply use the download link above.

    Download Sparkz 'Survival'


    Tile Manipulating Objects

    New in 2.1: Freeform Survey Markers to define areas of blocks for scanning and swapping. Areas can also be stored in Memory Cells.


    New in 2.1: Layer Swapper swaps the foreground and background layers in a defined area


    New in 2.1: Block Scanner and Block Printer for replicating structures! Scanned data can be sent directly to a printer or stored in Memory Cells.


    Check out this simple demo video showing the Survey Markers, Layer Swapper, Block Scanner and Block Printer in action:

    Numeric Wired Objects

    Linked Displays (in two sizes and unlimited width!) to display numeric data:


    3 types of sensors (Light Sensor, Wind Sensor, Thermometer) to monitor the world:


    Liquid Sensor detects and identifies liquids (thanks to Synthlight for the suggestion!)


    Scanner to collect data about nearby entities (interact to switch between Current HP and Max HP):


    Counter can be incremented, decremented, or reset using binary signals, and outputs a numeric value:


    (also added a Quick Wall Button with a fast pulse for incrementing counters)

    Comparator performs logical operations (interact to switch modes):


    Operator performs basic arithmetic operations (interact to switch modes):


    Memory Cell stores data. Bottom nodes are for data in and out, top nodes are for binary signals to lock input and output


    ...and of course, you can still ruin your ship with 3 kinds of liquid Source Pipes!



    I'm working on putting together some example machines to show some of the possible ways to use Sparkz. If you build something interesting, send me a screenshot and explanation so I can include it here!

    Record Keeper


    This machine tracks the highest measurement of a sensor as well as the time since that measurement was recorded. A Light Sensor (1) sends data to one side of Comparator (2), which compares it to the value stored in a Memory Cell (3). If the measured value is greater than the stored value, then the Comparator sends the new value to the Memory Cell as data, and also sends a binary signal to reset a Counter (5) using a Binarizer (6) to strip the numerical data and prevent the counter value from being replaced with the sensor data. The latest total count is stored in a second Memory Cell (4). To reset the record, a Button and NOT gate are used to briefly unlock the output on another Memory Cell (7) which contains a 0 data and will overwrite the record Memory Cell (3).


    If you have any feedback or suggestions about this mod, please let me know! I'm working on improving documentation, so I apologize if some of the objects aren't very well explained right now.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. linkdisplays.png
    2. traps.png
    3. traps.gif
    4. layerswap.png

Recent Reviews

  1. nnnn20430
    Version: v2.1d
  2. Crippsey
    Version: v2.0
    An amazingly useful and fun mod that keeps getting better!
  3. Malicante
    Version: v2.0
    Looking better and better Metadept! Been using this since the mod came out, likely gonna keep using it for good, especially with these new changes!
  4. Solifuge
    Version: v2.0
    Great work. I'd love to see some of these merged with Vanilla! Also, are your test characters ponies? Because they look like ponies.
    1. metadept
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I do hope to see more of these items merged into vanilla; we'll see what the developers want. Also, there WILL be objects for manipulating (reading, breaking, placing, etc.) blocks coming in a future update, just waiting on a few more scripting features in the next vanilla patch... soon!

      My characters aren't intended to be any specific theme, but now that you mention it I definitely see the resemblance, lol.
  5. DranKof
    Version: v2.0
    This is amazing and a bag of chips. Sensors. Liquids. Traps. Wires. Tripwires. Functional buttons and consoles. More sensors. Drains. All within the realm of what the engine offers. This is a myriad of basic functionality that should earn you a permanent position as advisor on the staff. Awesome job.

    Hope I'm not overdoing it. There's just too many common, average mods to not give good credit where it's deserved. Keep up the good fight!
    1. metadept
      Author's Response
      Awesome, glad you like it! I'll do my best to keep pushing the limits of what the scripting functionality can do, so look forward to even more exciting stuff as the game develops!
  6. Leosky
    Version: v2.0 PRERELEASE
    excellent first step ! when need now automation behavior :)
  7. devrock3033
    Version: v2.0 PRERELEASE
    great addition of new objects! TRAPSSS!!?? I love the fluid pipes as always.
  8. Biggaveli
    Version: v1.1b
    All i want is computercraft/industrialcraft/forestry and redpower in this game. This is a step towards it :)
  9. severedskullz
    Version: v1.0
    Excelent work, my friend!
  10. talc
    Version: v1.0
    Exactly what I've been looking for!