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Space Stations 0.6.3

Space Stations! WIP

  1. 0.6.1 - Raiding Tweaks

    This update should make the raiders less likely to wipe out your npcs before you can get to them.
    • Tweaking the raider’s difficulty - they are now one level lower across the board. They have numbers on their side, they don't need to be quite so tough
    • Fewer spawn locations for tier 3 and lower stations. They should try to spawn in locations closer to players so you don't have to race across the entire station.
    • More time between spawns at lower levels
    • Protectorate Station is less likely to spawn raiders. As I add in more event-ready stations, the Protectorate station should be safer than others.
    • Added guardspawners to the Protectorate Station command deck
    • Changed how stations access events to make it easier for racial submods
    • Made guard and crew spawners more likely to spawn the station’s main race
    Later today I should have an example race submod up for anyone who wants to add spacestations for their modded race.
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