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Space Stations 0.6.3

Space Stations! WIP

  1. Station Events and Apex Station

    I've been working on having more stuff happen on the Stations, so I may have to go back and rework the Hylotl and Glitch stations at some point :/ The Protectorate and Apex stations are already set for events :D

    Added the Apex Station - It should look familiar ;)
    Added Events to Protectorate and Apex Stations! Raiders will occasionally attack your station. I'm open to suggestions for other types of events.
    Added station npc spawners - when the npcs die, the station will start to look a little.. trashed :( But don't worry, a new npc will show up eventually and repair the station.
    Added a visiting ship to the Protectorate Station - It spawns a small crew, including a quartermaster who sells Large and Small Cargo Crates. These randomly fill up with stuff when placed. They could be full of junk or valuables - decide if you want to take the chance!
    TrueSpace Compatability in the base mod! Thanks to bk3k

    As with any mod that affects universe generation, you may need to regenerate your universe or travel some distance to have new content.
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