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Space Stations 0.6.3

Space Stations! WIP

  1. Glitches and glitch Fixes

    Added Glitch Spacestations! Currently a little bare, so hopefully I'll be able to get more stuff out for them later.

    Also, I added some Protectorate crew to the Protectorate spacestations. I'm going to try to replace the npcs on the stations so they won't join your crew (otherwise the stations could become ghost towns :( )

    The tech maze should be fixed now. Let me know if not. I'm considering disabling it if people aren't interested in it - I didn't make it, it's part of the Starbound assets and if it gets buggy I'm not sure how much I can fix it.
    I plan to add stations later that will work as dungeons that you can fix up once you clear them, but I want to keep learning the logic of how the dungeons work before I start on those.
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