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Outdated Space Edits v4.2

Making the universe better since... like, last Tuesday or something.

  1. Housekeeping Update

    This update is for a bit of housekeeping to make sure the mod is in line with the 1.0 update.

    - This mod used to change star probability to 2%, but Chucklefish changed their's to 3%, so I found my change to be basically pointless.
    - New universe is not necessary. You likely wont even notice the difference.

    As always, please let me know of any issues BEFORE reviewing so that I may have a chance to fix them.
  2. Small Update

    Small Update:

    - Updating with some compatibility changes for Glad Giraffe. My original version was made early in the development of Glad Giraffe, and things had changed since then.

    - Possible minor performance improvement. I realized I was changing the star density by ramping up some values. I learned I could proportionally decrease them instead to achieve the same effect.

    If this version doesn't work for you, then stick with v4. If neither work, then please report it so that I may...
  3. I can see!

    Space clouds. They kinda annoyed me. While on your ship or boosting across the cosmos, you've likely seen the clouds. I felt they blocked out the stars a little too much, so I dimmed them to allow the stars to shine through.
  4. Sky Matters

    This update includes a change to the star density of the sky while on planets or in space. Nothing for the rotation of the stars, sadly, but the density being less will compliment the change for the universe edit.

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  5. SpaceEdits v2

    Updated with increased number of tries in finding a new system. The decreased star density means less chance of finding a suitable starting system, so this update should help with that.

    Mods that change the structure of star systems will make this worse, if not impossible. FrackinUniverse seems to be one such mod, albeit it does not alter the requirements itself, so in theory there should be no issue between them.

    Updating is not required if you already have a working universe, or have not...