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Smol Avali 1.8

Avali but smol

  1. Ask and ye shall receive


    -Improved verts on hitbox, now you won't have some difficulty on some slopes

    -improved sprite sheets for smolvali as a whole, lots of minor edits

    -Smol Trimmed Shoulder Wrap
    -Smol Trimmed Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Shoulder Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Wrapset
    -Smol Stalker's Cloak
    -Smol Stalker's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Nomads's Cloak
    -Smol Nomad's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Seeker's Cloak
    -Smol Seeker's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Survival Gear
    -Smol Avali Headset
    -Smol Scout's Armor...
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  2. fixed swim and zero g animations

    that was dumb
  3. Avali Objects+ implemented!

    @TheOnlyRen actually sent me the stuff to implement Objects+ like a week ago but I was just set in the "ugh I want to take a break" so here it is after I stopped being lazy

    Also you will notice within the zip that there is a folder for the other add-ons I made for the mod such as the FR and FU BYOS patch as well as the Smoller Smol Avali for those of you not on steam
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  4. Females don't sound like humans anymore

    that was a dumb oversight, also beamup and beamdown should have avali colors now
  5. characterImage fixed, but also character wipe

    yeah sorry about that...

    well if you have the characters dump all their items in a chest or you use a save editor to change the species of the 1.0 ones to the 1.1 ones it will be fine and this is future proof so this won't happen again.

    This is the first race I made and I was ignorant that using CamelCase when defining the kind was bad, and that it had to be all lowercase for it to work, whoops.

    Either way now its fixed, as well as the infinite jumps being removed.