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Smol Avali 1.8

Avali but smol

  1. Ask and ye shall receive


    -Improved verts on hitbox, now you won't have some difficulty on some slopes

    -improved sprite sheets for smolvali as a whole, lots of minor edits

    -Smol Trimmed Shoulder Wrap
    -Smol Trimmed Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Shoulder Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Wrap
    -Smol Chimed Wrapset
    -Smol Stalker's Cloak
    -Smol Stalker's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Nomads's Cloak
    -Smol Nomad's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Seeker's Cloak
    -Smol Seeker's Trenchcoat
    -Smol Survival Gear
    -Smol Avali Headset
    -Smol Scout's Armor
    -Smol Scout's HUD
    -Smol Combat Armor
    -Smol Combat Helmet
    -Smol outfits are crafted in the same stations as normal avali ones, for about half the material cost

    -WIP yet entirely functional, myst be enabled with admin commands, as I have yet to figure out how to make them unique to the species and inaccessible by normal sized species
    -Smol Distortion Sphere
    -Smol Aquasphere

    -And tenants maybe? I haven't tested them yet but they might be able to exist

    Credit to @Lukea153 for the Smol Trimmed Shoulder Wrap, and Smol Trimmed Wrap, as well as the Smol Scout's HUD and Sol Combat Helmet and Smol Combat Armor, even though I ended up heavily improving them, I likely wouldn't have done so without him starting the work, he also drew some emotes, but I ended up scrapping them to get ones more in line with the normal avali
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