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Outdated SmartPet - Realistic Overhaul of the Pet System 1.9.6 | Enraged Koala

Smarter pet AI! Pet abilities! Teleport stuck pets! Force pets back to pods! Fainting pets! HP bars!

  1. Update codename: "RealPet"

    This update brings a WHOLE LOT of new features!
    To keep things in a nice list:
    - Pets don't drop their inventories when they faint or are recaptured. This makes pets act like portable chests!
    - Pets can faint! If their HP goes below 1, instead of dropping a filled pod, they will drop a 'fainted' pod, which you must take to...
    - Creature Revival Station! Use it to bring your pet back to full health. Sprite done by Skizot!
    - Pets die too easily? This update makes new captured pets automatically level-up once, so they are stronger than their wild versions!
    - And as an extra, 'fainted' pods can be placed as furniture! Display your (fainted) pet collections!
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