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Smart Crew 1.3.5

When you don't like your crew moshing on the teleporter making ya'll look line a canned sardines.

  1. Activities, Tasks, Schedules and Reactions!

    • Crew members now have an internal daily schedule which means that they won't stick on the anchors permanently.
    • Individual crew's schedule have activities/tasks which is set every "ship day". This means that they have several activities/tasks everyday!
    • Current activities/tasks include "lounge", "roam", "sleep" and "work".
    • Lounging crews will make them sit around on chairs nearby.
    • Roaming crews will patrol your ship at random places.
    • Sleeping will vary from the crew's schedule defined at the config file (you may fiddle around the config if you know what you're doing and you're using the DRM Free version).
    • Working crews will go to their respective "anchors" doing their jobs that relates to their role.
    • You may see them reacting doing stuffs with a small chance of them doing monolouge along with it.
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