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[SMAPI] The Harp of Yoba on Nexus

Adds a Harp to the game

  1. Harp of Yoba Redux for 1.11

    - Some bug fixes (Cooldown on the harp now actually works)
    - Moved file distribution now exclusively to Nexus, to have one primary source.
    - Added a new Version of Harp of Yoba Redux for SDV 1.11
  2. Harp of Yoba Redux

    Harp of Yoba 2.0 (Redux):

    Sheet Music from Preivious Versions:

    Birthday Sonata:
    Raises the heart level of NPCs on their birthday.

    Serenade of Thunder:
    (Mailed after Abigail's Mountain event)
    Makes it rain for a few seconds and waters all the crop.

    Prelude to Yoba:
    (Mailed after wedding)
    Makes trees grow (once a day), shakes them and temporarily enhances your magnetic radius to collect whatever falls off.

    Ballad of the Wanderer:
    (Mailed after completed Community...
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  3. 1.1.0 SDV 1.2

    1.1.0 requires SDV 1.2 + SMAPI 1.9. For SDV 1.11 download the 1.0.4 Version here.