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[SMAPI] Stephan's Lots of Crops 2.0.0

More Crops!

  1. SDV 1.3 Update

    2.0.0 - SDV 1.3 Update
    Now dependent on Json Assets, bundle modifications have been lost. Small tweaks to various settings.
  2. Bugfix

    Removed reference that should only be there in the compatibility version. Thanks tavrogan for pointing it out ^^
  3. SDV 1.2 Update

    -Special Thanks-
    MysticTempest for updating my mod in my absence as a part of the compatibility version with MysticTempest's Tea mod.

    1.4 - SDV 1.2 Update
    Updated to SDV 1.2 to reflect new languages, no major changes to the mod itself. Doesn't support non-English, non-English SDV will use English names and descriptions.
  4. Bundles Update

    1.3 - Bundles Update
    Updated bundles, adding all modded crops to their respective seasons (those bundles still take only 4 to complete)
  5. Real Cooking Bugfix

    1.2 - Real Cooking Bugfix
    Updated Cooking items to be added by Friendship or Skill, as the TV is hardcoded not to work with new additions.
  6. Cooking update

    1.1 - Cooking Update
    Adds 6 Cooking Items/Recipies unlocked by the TV
    Adds all items to universal Likes, and adds some NPC specific Dislikes (some dislike all vegetables, etc)
    Fixed corruption in springobjects, discoloration on ice crystals in the mines. (thanks eemie!)
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