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[SMAPI] Seasonal Immersion 1.12.0

A more seasonal farm at only $49,99! (Without VAT)

  1. Cross-mod support

    This extends seasonal building support into locations added by other mods, as long as those are extending SDV's `BuildableGameLocation` at some point. (Like the default Farm does)
  2. Compatibility with mods that edit TileSheets/Craftables.xnb

    This adds partial compatibility for mods that edit the Craftables.xnb

    Mods that edit Craftables will also need to edit Craftables_indoor & Craftables_outdoor on their own end for full support.
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  3. Fixing zip support

    This version of SeasonalImmersion should once more fix support for Zipped content packs, extra logic has also been added so that if a ContentPack directory or ContentPack.zip file is found, but no manifest.json exists, the Embedded content pack is used instead.
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  4. Patch for compatibility with newest SMAPI

    This patch has been provided by @Pathoschild, give him some love for it!
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  5. Logging & hopefully fixing zipped content packs

    This update fixes a mistake on my end, as error logging often did not include the actual error message, without that I cant exactly solve things.
    Now all error logs will include the actual error.

    I also made some changes that should *hopefully* make zipped content packs work again, but keep in mind that this is not guaranteed.
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  6. Refactor & Fallbacks

    This version of SI refactors the internal mechanics to be a bit more optimized then previously.

    Also included is a fallback, if reading the ContentPack.zip fails, then it will use the embedded content pack instead.

    The final change, is that if your seasonal `Craftables` is the same both indoor and outdoor, you can just create a single `Craftables.png` file and it will work for both.
    The indoor and outdoor versions still have priority over the "generic" version, and if the generic version...
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  7. Major update!

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility and replaces the zipped content pack handling with a new mechanic that should hopefully mean SI is now compatible with the mac.
  8. Logger update

    This update performs a lot more logging to hopefully figure out what went wrong next time something goes wrong.

    It also fixes a misconception on my part on how the extension method worked >_>
  9. More sanity again...

    Again, extra sanity checking because some PC's just seem to like making my mod crash....
  10. More sanity

    This minor update adds some extra sanity checking to hopefully prevent some rather weird things that could apparently happen.
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