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[SMAPI] GreenHut 3.0.0

Junimos harvesting your Greenhouse!

  1. Croí Dorcha
    Screenshot 2018-01-07 20.46.19.png Screenshot 2018-01-07 20.48.16.png Screenshot 2018-01-01 08.30.51.png Screenshot 2018-01-01 08.30.58.png Screenshot 2018-01-01 08.32.12.png

    This mod adds junimos that will harvest your crops inside the Greenhouse and leave them in a chest. Currently, this is how the mod works:
    -The mod adds a magical building (Junimo Shrine) in the shop of the Wizard, when you purchase this building you can add it anywhere in your farm and the junimos (and their chest) will start appearing the next day.
    -The Junimo Shrine has the same price that a Junimo Hut, but you can change that in the config file.
    -You can deactivate the balanced mode so this mod works like in its beta.
    -You can't build the shrine more than once (or you can't build it at all if you deactivated the balanced mode).
    -The chest is located near the water at the end of the Greenhouse.
    -You can't destroy the chest but, if somehow you manage to destroy it, it will reappear the next morning.
    -You can rename and recolour the chest without issues.
    -The junimos won't appear if you don't have any mature crops inside the Greenhouse.
    -After a hard day of work, the junimos will be chilling inside your Greenhouse. (Okay, this is a bug, not a feature. But I can't fix it.)
    -The harvest usually takes about two in-game hours.
    -The junimos may take a while to start appearing (about an hour) even if you are inside the Greenhouse, so don't worry. They seem lazy.
    -The mod should work on any custom Greenhouse map. However, you will have to modify the config.
    -At the start of the day you will see the game blink briefly. This is what makes the junimos start working.

    Unbalanced mode: Enter the config file and change "balancedMode" from true to false. The junimos will start appearing right away.

    -If you don't see the config.json file, start the game with this mod installed.
    -Find a way to view tile coordinates inside your Greenhouse (I use the DebugMode mod).
    -Find a good place for the chest to be and change "chestX" and "chestY" from de config file to your new coordinates.
    -Find the centre of your farming area and change "junimoX" and "junimoY" from the config file to the centre coordinates.
    -Count the distance in tiles from the centre to the farthest edge of the farming area and change "radius" from the config file to the distance plus one.

    Known bugs:
    -The junimos keep moving with an open menu.
    -Junimos keep appearing and vanishing when there is nothing else to harvest.

    How to install:
    -If you don't have it already, install the latest version of SMAPI.
    -Unzip "GreenHut 0.X.X" inside your "mods" folder.

    -Go to the wizard's shop and select "demolish". Destroy the Junimo Shrine, save the game, exit and delete de "GreenHut" folder from your mods folder.

    NOTE: Demolishing the shrine will make the junimo's chest disappear the next morning, so better empty it or you will lose its contents.

    Update warning: If you update from a beta version you may lose the contents of the chest, so empty it first.

    Future plans:
    -Make "Extended Farm" compatibility. (I don't know if it work's fine currently, but I don't think so, at least the balanced mode)

    Link to the mod in Nexus.

    Check out the rest of my work.

    Thanks a lot to the discord community for helping me with this mod.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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