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[SMAPI] Furniture Anywhere 1.1.5

Now you can furniturize the world to your hearts content!

  1. bug fixes!

    Fixes issues in my mod build process that broke most of my mods.
  2. EF 2.0 compatibility update

    Just a rebuild for EF 2.0 compatibility.
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  3. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
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  4. Bugfix

    This fixes the boxing code so it actually works.

    Please note that if you remove FurnitureAnywhere while there is furniture out and about across the game, you will find indestructible, unusable chests in their place, simply re-install FurnitureAnywhere, pick up the furniture (That will magically re-appear where the chest was) and then save before uninstalling.
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  5. Major update!

    This update of FurnitureAnywhere uses SMAPI's new event that is triggered before saving to turn furniture placed by this mod into a serializer-friendly format.

    While there is no guarantee, there is a good chance this will now work for everyone.

    This update also brings the mod in late with the latest Framework and SMAPI versions, and readies it for SDV 1.2
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  6. Fixing stuffs!

    This fixes some of the many issues that have shown up with furniture anywhere:
    • It should now work for everyone as I fixed the issue many people reported
    • The framework should no longer complain that the type is not being handled properly
    • Furniture rotation now behaves a lot more consistent, as some did not behave properly in the past
    • You can no longer place furniture so it overlaps another bit of furniture
    • Picking furniture back up should now behave a lot more intuitive...
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