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[SMAPI] Faster Paths 1.3.3

Walk faster while on a path!

  1. Update url fix

    Fixes the url that is checked for updates, as a very wrong url was being used.
  2. EF 2.0 compatibility update

    Just a rebuild for EF 2.0 compatibility - functionality is unchanged.
  3. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
  4. Major update!

    This major update brings FasterPaths in line with the current state of modding and prepares it for SDV 1.2
  5. The compatibility update!

  6. More configuration & walk/run speed modifiers!

    Each of the 9 path types can now be individually given a walk speed, if you have the old version of the mod, delete your config.json or it will cause all paths to have no effect on your movement speed.

    You can now set the base movement speed used when walking or running.

    Unfortunately, CA seems to have been performing black magic, cause in order to make this work I had to make it incompatible with all other mods that directly affect movement (CJB can be used, just make sure the movement...