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[SMAPI] Farm Area Expansion (no game files modified) 2.05

Adds a new location to the game that increases your farmable area. Supports buildings and animals!

  1. Advize
    Advize's Farm Expansion


    This mod adds an extra map that functions as a farm expansion. Requires SMAPI & Serializer Replacement Utility, does not modify any game files. See Readme.txt included with the download for installation instructions.

    Video: (Installation and Use)
    Video courtesy of ided.
    Note: You can install it in the %AppData% folder as well.


    StardewValley 1.07
    Stardew Modding API (SMAPI) v0.40.0: download here
    SMAPI Serializer Replacement Utility: download here

    The serializer utility will cause saves to become unloadable once a mod using it is uninstalled. Back up your save files before using.
    Note: Save files can easily be manually repaired using a text editor should you decide to uninstall.

    1. ***BACKUP SAVE FILES*** Seriously, this is something you should do by default even without using mods.

    2. Ensure all dependencies have been installed (see requirements section).

    3. If you have used previous versions of the mod, delete any of the files that you had previously installed (Any instances of FarmExpansionSMAPI.dll or FarmExtension.xnb, etc.).

    4. Copy the "FarmExpansionSMAPI" folder to your %appdata%\StardewValley\Mods directory, or copy it to your Game\Mods directory (default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Mods).

    1. Delete the FarmExpansionSMAPI folder from your mods directory.

    2. Remove any FarmExpansion data from your save file (instructions below)


    Version 2.05: Download Link

    Source Code:

    Future Plans:
    Add an interior to the cottage that allows for furniture placement, and proper wallpaper / flooring functionality.

    Version History:
    v1.0: Initial Release.
    v1.01: Corrected tons of mismatched tile issues on the Farm Extension.
    v1.02: Storm version fixed to no longer recreate warp points in a location thanks to Seberoth on the modding irc channel.
    v1.1: Major release. A path has been added to the south western side of your farm. Rain now waters crops. Trees/Grass grow properly. Tilled soil without crops disappears over time. Debris generation corrected. Storm API support dropped.
    v1.2: You can now plant trees on the farm extension. Updated to use SMAPI 0.39.2.
    v1.3: Warp points adjusted slightly so you can enter the farm extension with your horse again (oops). Massive rewrite on the dynamic tile modifying code to further increase compatibility with other mods.
    v2.0: The farm expansion finally supports buildings and animals! Robin and Marnie's menus now allow you to choose which farm to construct/demolish buildings or add animals to. Graphical improvements have been made to the default animal shop menu as CA really dropped the ball on this one. Robin now constructs all buildings in a single day, allows you to construct as many as you'd like in a single day, and also will continue to sell you goods provided she isn't currently upgrading your house. Upgrading the Farm House still takes 3 days. Config file added which allows for enabling/disabling crows on the expansion, and also allows you to modify the expansion slightly to add a cottage on the north eastern hill (cottage interior will be added at a later date).
    v2.01: Resource clumps (giant rocks and stumps on the farm) are now correctly loaded from the save file.
    v2.05: Now compatible with Tego's Stardew Expansion. Machines placed inside buildings on the expansion now correctly process materials. Grass/weeds/rocks/logs correctly generate on the expansion. Other miscellaneous code improvements.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Updates

  1. v2.05
  2. v2.01
  3. 2.0 is out!

Recent Reviews

  1. AikoTheMouse
    Version: 2.05
    It's great but could you please make so it's compatible with the Wonderful Farm Life mod?
  2. Trightin
    Version: 2.05
    This just made the game a whole lot nicer.
  3. Trulley808
    Version: 2.05
    more room for my fruit trees and farm animal houses...thx 4 sharing ~.^
  4. Timroham
    Version: 1.3
    Very awesome. The only obvious shortcoming is that it currently doesn't support building farm structures on the new plot. That said, it works beautifully. Thanks!