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[SMAPI] Extended BusSystem 1.4.1


  1. Fixed missing mouse support

    This update fixed the issue you cannot use the bus by clicking mouse buttons.
  2. Update 1.4

    It has been a long time but now it is finally there.
    Version 1.4 added support for SMAPI 2.10.2 and 2.11-beta.2.
    I also droped the prefix SMAPI since Farmhand is dead for 2 years now.
    You have to remove the old SMAPIExtendetBusSystem folder.
  3. Version 1.3.1

    This Update only updates the codebase to work with ef 2.0.6
  4. Remove Deprecated code [1.3]

    • Uses SMAPIs translation API
    • Update deprecated code
  5. Smapi Extended BusSystem 1.2.2

    Whats new:

    • update the mod to match SDV 1.2 and latest SMAPI

    • add german translation

    You are welcome to submit new translations
  6. Update 1.2.1

    Fixes some bugs happend by updating SMAPI and EntoaroxFramework.
    Also fixed the update message again (forum did not provide the correct dll)

    [TODO: Updating the mod for sdv 1.2]
  7. Smapi Extended BusSystem 1.2

    Fixes the update notification after each game loading
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  8. Smapi Extended BusSystem 1.2

    Added a config menu (default button N)

    This version requieres SMAPI 1.6 which fixes an issue with custom Config files aka modsavedata
    and EntoFramework 1.6.2
  9. Fixes Save Never loaded

    I am very sorry ... this patch fixes the issue the game never loads the mods savedata.
    At least it would not be to bad right now because lewis send you a seasonPass an you do not loose any money.

    But I'm very sorry ...
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  10. [SMAPI] Extended BusSystem

    New Features:
    • By default TicketOverlay is only shown on BusStop-location.
    • Price for SingleTicket is configurable right now.
    • To show TicketOverlay just hold a button (default is b).
    • Mod is now configurable by menu.
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