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[SMAPI] Entoarox Framework 2.4.0

Makes stardew modding easier!

  1. Updates

    This update includes fixes and changes to the UI framework, and a change to the GameLocation extension that reverts its tilesheet handling behaviour for tile setting to the way its predecessor handled them.
  2. New method required by ALL 1.2.3

    This adds a new utility method that ALL 1.2.3 requires.
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  3. Improvements to the UI framework

    This small update contains some internal improvements to the UI framework that should also hopefully fix some issues that have managed to sneek past.
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  4. Now with extra squashed ants!

    This patch has updated texture handling to prevent a error that can happen if a texture-based resource is loaded/unload fast enough.
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  5. The UI update!

    This version of the framework contains a custom UI framework that works independently of CA's own code, it is also being polished for inclusion into Farmhand directly, so modders should use and test it where and when possible!

    This update also pushes the SMAPI dependency to 1.3 or later, earlier versions of SMAPI are unlikely to work.
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  6. Compatibility with the SMAPI 1.0+ versions

    @Pathoschild Didnt expect people to be using some stuffs so he hid them in 1.0 rather then deprecating them, bad @Pathoschild! :p

    This version of the framework detects when the 1.0+ versions are used and adapts to use the newer log handling in it.
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  7. New event

    This release adds a new event that is vital for my new mod FurnitureAnywhere to work.
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  8. Hotfixes galore

    This hotfix build fixes the ActionTriggered event as this got broken at some point, making anything that relied upon that event break.

    This build also fixes right-clicking on the main menu, as that got broken during refactoring of the event system.
  9. Hotfix for the event registry not working

    The internal refactoring of 1.4.3 centralized the event registry, but I forgot to add the init for it in the proper place.... >_<
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  10. ContentRegistry hotfix

    This fixes a issue with the content manager where using the forward and backward slash as a directory separator counted as two separate files, this has now been solved and they are unified into a single separator internally.