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[SMAPI] Entoarox Framework 2.4.0

Makes stardew modding easier!

  1. Derp on my part for once

    For once in the 1.7 branch, its a derp on my part that needs fixing! I'd almost forgotten how that felt....
  2. More fixes for SDV 1.2

    This should fix some of the remaining issues that are happening with 1.2

    I am not even hopeful anymore it will fix all of them, but at least it should make things a bit more stable.... hopefully....
  3. CF be damned

    Lets hope this fixes CF's crazyness with 1.2 content and all the issues its been causing with EntoFrameworks content manager >_<
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  4. Disposal fix

    This should fix textures being disposed because everything used a single SCM instance, temp content now has its own SCM, that should hopefully fix things, if not, temp content will have to revert back to a LCM and people will just need to deal with vanilla temp content....
  5. Tons of stuffs!

    • Repair whitelisting for Tilesheets/tools.xnb, 1.2 broke it
    • Repair the ability to handle maps, as that apparently now has its own content manager....
    • Repair temp content to enable injection into temp content again
    Hopefully this fixes everything that CF broke.... probably not though >_< I miss CA's code, at least he never did stupid stuff like this for no good reason....
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  6. Update static resources list

    There are new static resources in 1.2, this update adds them to the list so mods like XnbLoader can manipulate them.
  7. New trainer commands + 1.2 compatibility!

    This version adds a few new trainer-like commands to make certain things easier to do, it also fixes compatibility with SDV 1.2
  8. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
  9. Feature update

    This update adds a new feature needed by XnbLoader and other mods that wish to effect Statically loaded resources without needing to manually reload them and risking missing one.
  10. Bugfixes in the UI code

    This minor update has some bug fixes in the UI code.
    It also includes a config option to disable the in-game update notifications, they will still appear in the console, but no longer in game if you set this option to false.