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[SMAPI] Entoarox Framework 2.4.0

Makes stardew modding easier!

  1. Fixing custom events

    Looks like I accidentally broke EF's custom events at some point, woopsie!
  2. Fixing XnbLoader ContentHandler

    This should with the newest XnbLoader and AdvancedLocationLoader finally fix the crashes.

    Please note that this fix during beta-testing has shown that ALL has issues with keeping content persistent again - A fix is being tested for that right now, so for now do not use ALL yet.
  3. Bugfix!

    Fixes some bugs in EF itself.

    Also temporarily disables the version checker while maintenance is performed on it.
  4. Fixing Xnb loading

    This fixes a bug in the content handling that prevented ALL and XnbLoader from loading xnb files.
  5. Major update!

    A major update of Entoarox Framework.

    This version is *not* backwards compatible, EF 2.0 compatible versions of my mod will follow shortly after this release.

    A complete list of changes is really impossible to provide, since "90% of all things" would be my best guestimate.,,,,

    Enjoy, expect bugs, expect new functionality, be happy the known bugs are fixed! (At least, they *should* be! :p)
  6. Patch for compatibility with newest SMAPI

    This patch has been provided by @Pathoschild, give him some love for it!
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  7. Fixed stuffs

    Thank @Pathoschild for this build, he went in and took the time to fix all the stuffs he could.

    2.0 is still in development, but real life and murphy have chosen to get together and make me regret thinking doing the update would be a relative quick thing...
  8. Fixing content handling

    All the work fixing bugs broke content handling, this version fixes it again.
  9. Fixing the fixes that got fixed by fixing fixes

    Try saying the title 10 times fast!

    Anyhow, this should fix the rendering issue that happened, thanks to @ekffie for being my test dummy so I could be certain that this actually fixed anything...
  10. Another derp

    Found another derp that the attempt to fix the issues remaining in 1.7.5 caused.