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[SMAPI] Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7

Helps modders modify the in-game locations!

  1. Fixed NPC pathing to custom locations

    Turns out stardew populates a routing table for pathing between different locations, this version of ALL forces that table to repopulate after ALL has finished adding its custom locations, so NPC's should now know how to visit these new areas when told to do so.
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  2. VOODOO!

    This should fix the quantum superposition that is somehow possible for the TitleMenu both being there and not at the same time 0_0
  3. Fix lighting glitch detection code being triggered for every warp

    This should fix the game locking up for locations that do their own content loading.
  4. Fix for dark mines

    The mines are now ignored by the in-location warp detection, as CA's modified lighting code for the mines is conflicting with my in-location warp fixes.

    Aka, unlike 1.1.8, 1.1.9 will let you see in the mines again.
  5. More bugfix!

    This version fixes the in-game "update available" notification causing the game to lock up and makes the notification look prettier. Also includes some sugar for people in a hurry.
  6. Mega-Ultra-Awesome Bugfix-Galore version!

    Thanks to dedicated bug reporters and some help from @kashue I've managed to fix over 6 bugs, one of them in stardew itself!
    This version also contains some tiny quality of life improvements to make things easier on people.

    The full changelog can be found in the spoiler.

    - Patched in a fix for the lighting glitch that occurs when shifting or warping within a location
    - Fixed the greenhouse again, the fix was somehow lost during...
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  7. Fix for crash on non-spring saves

    There was a crash that happened when loading a save in any season other then spring.

    This issue is quite old, but the bug fixed in 1.1.5 was hiding it (And stupid me only tested 1.1.5 on saves that are spring)

    Sorry for the repeated updates, but people just keep finding bugs!
    (Big thanks to @Jinxiewinxie for actually managing to point me in the right direction, since the report from @Androxilogin turned out to be missing the vital clue!)
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  8. Another bugfix!

    Thanks to @Jinxiewinxie I discovered another bug in ALL that has now been fixed.

    Next to this, I have also made a few other changes, the full details can be read in the changelog below.

    - Replaced old manifest property-verification code with the new property-verification code everywhere
    - Rewrote quite a few debug messages for greater clarity and more targeted problem solving
    - Slightly improved rendering of Stacks in shops
    - Fixed a bug in custom tiles that...
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  9. Fix for the game crashing if ALL was active when a new save is created

    This fixes a issue where if ALL was active when a new save was created, the game would crash.
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  10. Bugfix for tilesheet issue

    There was another (but unrelated to the first) tilesheet issue in ALL 1.1, this has now been fixed.
    For a more complete changelog, please check the spoiler.

    - Added the `ALLReact` Building-tile action
        See the `Tile actions` section for details
    - Fixed custom tilesheets not being handled propertly
        Seems that 1.1.1 did NOT actually fix those as it was supposed to
    - ALLReact <sound_name> <animation_interval>...
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