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[SMAPI] Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7

Helps modders modify the in-game locations!

  1. bug fixes!

    Fixes issues in my mod build process that broke most of my mods.
  2. EF 2.0 compatibility update

    Just a rebuild for EF 2.0 compatibility - functionality is unchanged.
  3. Patch for compatibility with newest SMAPI

    This patch has been provided by @Pathoschild, give him some love for it!
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  4. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
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  5. 1.2.9: The halfway 1.3 update!

    Plenty of changes, see the full changelog to get them all.

    - Made some changes to the manifest converter for 1.1 manifests, it should now work with the 1.0+ branch of SMAPI
    - Added `Properties` section to `Tilesheets` entries for adding properties to tilesheets added this way
    - Made `FileName` property for `Tilesheets` entries optional, if omitted, ALL skips tilesheet modification and just applies the contents of `Properties`
    - Changed tile edit logging to be clearer as to what...
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  6. Major bug squashing!

    This update squashes a lot of interrelated bugs that together kept breaking things...

    Hopefully this is the last bit of bug squashing I need to do for now, I am certain that everyone is getting tired of the near-constant updates....
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  7. Squashing yet another bug

    This fixes a bug that previous bugs hid, and now mods should work fine again even if the author (Looking at you there @Androxilogin) makes a mistake.
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  8. Squashing yet more bugs!

    This version fixes a issue in tile handling that broke attempts to remove tiles.
    Also added detection for tile edits that reference a tilesheet that does not exist, disabling these edits and attempting to keep the game going anyway.
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  9. Squashing more bugs!

    This update squashes a few bugs at once.

    1. The condition collision logic is flawed and for now has been disabled
    2. Fixed adding tilesheets for use from within the Manifest only
    3. Fixed the game crashing when trying to remove a tile that has already been removed previously.
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  10. Squashing another bug

    This update fixes it so shops added through location mods work again.

    Expect another update sometime soon, as @Androxilogin has found a ton, and some of these take a while to actually figure out, so waiting to update could mean these updates arent available for a week or more!
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