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[SMAPI] Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7

Helps modders modify the in-game locations!

  1. Mega-Ultra-Awesome Bugfix-Galore version!

    Thanks to dedicated bug reporters and some help from @kashue I've managed to fix over 6 bugs, one of them in stardew itself!
    This version also contains some tiny quality of life improvements to make things easier on people.

    The full changelog can be found in the spoiler.

    - Patched in a fix for the lighting glitch that occurs when shifting or warping within a location
    - Fixed the greenhouse again, the fix was somehow lost during refactoring
    - Fixed `day 30` detection not detecting a certain edge-case
    - Fixed the `day 30` detection having false-positives
    - Fixed ALL throwing a error if it cant connect to the version-checking server for some reason
    - Fixed log messages not being added in the order that ALL outputs them, this should make logging a lot less confusing
    - Added a in-game notification for patch integrity errors, since these, although not actually fatal, are dangerous
    - Added `alwaysPatch` config option that forces ALL's own patches to be applied even if no ALL mod is loaded
    - Added a "Beta Version, do not use in production" message that gets printed to the log in beta versions of ALL
    - Force `alwaysPatch` to be `true` no matter what the config file says if the `debugMode` config option is `true`
    - Ignore the config file and set all config options to `true` in beta versions of ALL
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