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Slime Race Mod 2017-06-18

A race of gelatinous humanoids and everything that comes with it.

  1. Hieru.chan
    -Fixed tenants not despawning
    -Removed some unused assets

    -Fixed tendrils that stopped working after SB1.3
    -Fixed some compatibility issues.

    -Hopefully made it compatible with new starbound patch
    -Some minor fixes
    -T2 armor

    -Made some slime stuff spawn Ooze tenants if you have ooze mod too.
    -Started on armor, tier 1 gems avalible now, they're just gems, so don't get your hopes up with looks, further tiers will cover more body and will look better.
    -Added Slime gem, which is tempered slime inside forge.
    -Changed the look of slime sphere.


    Hello. With Xel's permission or rather insistance, I have taken over this mod. Please make sure to delete the old mod, http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/slime-race-mod-outdated.4219/ when you subscribe to this one to avoid any conflicts. Your characters, items and everything regarding the old slime mod will stay intact.





    On a rimworld named Callipso B4324, biochemists discovered some sort of slime deep underground that moved on its own and regenerated when it was torn apart. They took it back to their scientific explorer ship and began experimenting with it, in which it was noticed that if the slime was processed and injected into any living creature, it’d transform it into slime and grant biological immortality. Several scientists transformed into slime since they didn’t want to experiment on another sentient being due to ethical reasons.

    Over time, the scientists noticed that the slime formed into the shape of one of the crewmen and mimicked how they moved, in which the team realized it was sentient and stopped any further experiments. Their sponsor company didn’t know of their experiments, and the scientists kept it a secret from them and the masses, since they thought biological immortality was something that might be abused by some races, especially the Apex. Eventually the company stopped funding them due to not gaining results of any sort, and the scientists had to stop, pack up, and return the slimes back to their world.

    The transformed explorers went back to their homes, where they were discriminated against due to their new forms and appearance, with only the Novakids and Florans not minding them. They chose to return back to the slime homeworld, where the slimes accepted them all. It was eventually discovered there that they communicated telepathically when conjoined, and they began sharing technology and adapting it to be more slimy. After many years, the slime developed some way to traverse the stars without any propulsion engines but rather some “magical tentacles” as said by an Avian observer, protruding from their blob ships. The Protectorate received some slimes wishing to join out of curiosity and wanting to be accepted by other races. After lengthy tests and having them learn at least English, the first batch of slime Protectorates were accepted. Little does anyone know, that these will be the final days of the Protectorate Capital.



    This mod adds a race of slimepeople with 111 palettes, 9 custom hairstyles, and its own entirely custom slime ship with a pet, respawn and death animations, as well as several items to make, a visual alternative to Spike Sphere, and a non-sliding Wall Jump.


    [​IMG]Slime Traits
    -minor health regeneration
    -immunity to liquid slime and webs
    -weak to cold
    -resistant to fire
    -immune to "poisoned" and "electrified" status effects


    Slime Sword + upgrades
    Wavy Slime Sword + upgrades
    Slime Whip + elements + upgrades
    Slime Tendrils + elements + upgrades
    Impact Slime Tendrils + upgrades
    Slime Grappling Hook
    Slime Glow
    EPP with Slime Glow
    Loose Sheer Dress
    T1 and T2 Armors


    Slime Morph Sword
    Slime Hunting Launcher
    Slime Active Shield
    Slime Leeching Dagger


    Biochemist Table (all recipes were moved to this)
    Slime Table (two types)
    Slime Console (lunar base-style and small custom form)
    Slime Ship Door
    Slime Ship Hatch
    Slime Ship Light
    Slime Fridge
    Slime Proximity Scanner
    Advanced Slime Scanner (detects friendly entities)
    Slime Wall Bed (normal and upright styles)
    Normal Slime Chair (common small size)
    Slime Storages
    Slime Door
    Slime Lamp
    Tall Slime Lamp
    Slime Teleporter (available at 2 Stop Teleshop)
    Compost Bin (won't work with food rot disablers)
    Slime Fire
    Slime Cooking Table
    Vanilla like slime caves decor.

    Only the slime and ooze races can craft the Biochemist Table. If you want to be able to craft it as a non-slime/ooze, use /admin mode and type:
    /spawnitem slimecentrifuge-recipe
    Using the resulting item will teach your character how to make it at the Inventor's Table.

    Likewise for the "goo" item, which is hand-made.
    /spawnitem slimegoo-recipe


    [​IMG]slime critter (based off of Terraria slimes)


    Adaptable Slime Sphere (copies a slime's body color)
    Sticky Wall Jump (variant of Wall Jump, stick in place instead of sliding)


    [​IMG]Shoat (two types?, provide slime blobs or globs)


    Thanks to:

    Skittles (template)
    Antyrus (helpful with info in past)
    Alpha_StevO (some hair style ideas)
    Inf_Wolf14 (helped with slime pet)
    Chofranc (help with lua codes and advices)
    Fueledbycancer (original elemental strength/weakness coding before Chucklefish made their own)
    Kawa (for letting me use outfit design as base)
    and Xel (for starting this mod)


    If you cannot see the slime race available for selection, it is likely that you need a mod which adds additional slots for custom races. The most commonly suggested mod for the job is Kawa's Xbawks Character Extender, but feel free to use whatever race slot add-on you wish.

    If the mod appears to be giving you any issues, re-subscribing to it may resolve them.

    Let us know of any other problems.


    Try Jenkkrystal's hair for slimes as well.

    I would like to recommend you a dye mod for clothes. You can dye clothes to any colour and even add transparency to completely match your slime.

    And if you want more monsters, there's Xel's Zombie race mod!

    Other mods:

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sgarts
    Version: 2017-06-18
  2. Shooterguy1220
    Version: 2017-06-18
    Slimes in starbound ... Awesome! The race itself has the start of some good lore and looks and plays fantastically. The weapons are a bit underpowered but its not to bad. The one issue I had was that if you can't find a slime biome on you're planet your stuck with vanilla gear and blocks until you can get farming going or find a cave on another planet .it makes starting out very difficult. Still overall this is a great mod and i plan on keeping them around.
  3. Nurse12
    Version: 2017-06-18
    My friend loves slime girls, By the way could you upload the Add-On slimes hairstyles in this forum? so that my friend gladly downloads them.
    My friend recommends that you visit this artist from DeviantART, he designs and draws good designs of slime girls until they fusion them:
  4. CwasCard
    Version: 2017-06-18
    I love how you made this compatible with another mod author's mod! Everything about this mod is awesome, and you went out of your way to include other mods INTO your own! Over here at the Starbound discord, we even have a special racial role for your mod!
  5. Sifritdo
    Version: 2017-06-18
    good job :)
  6. LagWind
    Version: 2017-06-18
  7. Chuckling fish
    Chuckling fish
    Version: 2017-06-10.1
    Looks good but it wont appear in the character creation menu :(
    1. Hieru.chan
      Author's Response
      Hello, you need a character extension mod like Xbawks to make race mods avalible.
  8. Turbotowns
    Version: 2017-03-04
    ALL OF MY YES! I love Slimes! And the slimes blocks and furniture, and now I'm able to play one!? YEEEESSS!
  9. Watts533
    Version: 2017-03-04
    I love this mod - it's so awesomely complete, and the custom ship looks fantastic. If I had one criticism, it's that I seem to be unable to find any goo blobs. Since they're used for all the slime crafting, that's an issue... but I'm sure I'm just looking in the wrong place or another mod is getting in the way.

    Anyway, thanks for taking over this wonderful mod!
  10. JeStErHALLOW
    Version: 2017-03-04
    Quite enjoy this race mod ;7; one of the more in depth ones and hey, who doesn't like slimes?