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skywind08's Anime Music Pack 2.2

965 Japanese-related songs for your adventuring days.

  1. More 20 songs and my song is here!!!

    As always, 20 new songs added to the collection...
    Read more in "Information.txt" for more details.

    Finally, after surfing and surfing around the web.. I have found it...
    Just check the main page what is it.

    I have also search some of the requested songs:
    The Touhou requested is apparently unable to be played on Starbound, (I always test all of my songs before I post it) can't find any Katte ni Kaizou,
    and also failed to find other Rune Factory songs, and one Groove Adventure Rave song,
    But I found Date A Live, and some Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei songs.

    And posted some other songs I have...
    Don't forget to Like, Rate, & Review the mod. :up:
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