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Outdated Skyrails Overhaul 2.1

Better mechanics, more rails.

  1. Skyrails V2.1 - Gravity Changes, new rails and more!

    Mechanic Changes
    • Gravity no longer requires you to use booster rails to go uphill
      • Manually driving up most rail types using left/right will at least lose no speed.
      • Not manually driving uphill will still require booster rails or the new notched rail.
    • Boost & Break rails made significantly more effective, especially at lower speeds.
    • Speed decays beyond the maximum speed of a rail, instead of getting hard clamped
    • Buff to manual acceleration

    New Content
    • Added race specific descriptions for each rail + table
    • Smooth rails - these have no friction, a higher max speed than boost rails but you are unable to accelerate on them manually.
    • Notched rails - these have high friction, a low max speed but passively accelerate you and never lose momentum uphill, even if you are not accelerating into the hill.
    Recipe Changes
    • All rail recipes now craft in multiples of 5 instead of 3.
    • Booster & breaker rails are slightly cheaper (9 durasteel per 15, vs 10 per 15)
    • Diode rails are more expensive (5 rails per diode up from 3)
    • Switcher rails are cheaper (3 gold per 5, vs 5 gold per 3)
    Bug fixes & Script tweaks
    • Rail equality test & sub-tile offset calculation now use world.distance to avoid resorting to back-up case on world wrap.
    • Reduced rail hook test collision line by 1 unit (this should make jumping up towards rails not snap as harshly)
    • Removed "mod" category from a bunch of recipes

    As always, this mod comes with two paks - the skyrails pak and a "skyrails-free" pak which makes all the recipes cost about a pixel each.

    Note: You may need to re-use the tier 4 tech upgrade (the one you get from the dragon) to see the two new rail types.
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