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Outdated Skyrail 0.1.0

High speed travel with bio-shock infinite inspired skyrails!

  1. Apjjm
    Download mirrors: mediafire dropbox

    But i'm uploading this for feedback on how it controls, behaves and any bugs + suggestions!

    Installing + Getting started:
    1. Unzip the downloaded folder, and copy the whole "apjjm_skyrail" folder into your starbound mods directory.
    2. Open up player.config, and place the following two lines after the "tier1:[" line:
      { "item" : "skyrailTech" },
      { "item" : "skyrailplatform" },
    3. It is optional, but recommended to make a backup of your universe and player folders when installing mods, so do this now if you want.
    4. Start Starbound. You can craft the rails on a table (999 for 1 pixel) and the tech module should be available in the tech-station automatically.
    5. Place some rails, hit F and have some fun!
    Controlling + Tips & tricks:
    • You can double/triple jump just like the double jump module at all times.
    • Hit F to toggle rail hooking on or off.
    • When rail hooking is active:
      • A/D (left/right keys) will speed you up or slow you down depending on your direction
      • You can leave a rail by jumping or turning off the hook
      • Landing on a rail will reset your multijump
      • Rails are platforms: hold S to fall through rails when falling from above (otherwise you will land on it).
    • Falling/jumping/running onto rails from the air will preserve your momentum on the rail.
    • Gravity effects you on the rail.
    • If hitting jump doesn't seem to be lifting you much from the rail, make sure you aren't holding S or going really fast downhill!
    • You can modify this mod to recognise other platforms as rails by adding material names to "railSurfaces" in "skyrail.tech".
    Todo List:
    1. Add a skyhook handheld item which is required to be able to use the tech - or something that at the least "holds" the rails.
    2. Look at centering the player-offset a little so that going diagonally maintains rail distance a little better
    3. Fix issues with rail + floor collision
    4. Add sounds, particle effects etc.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Murlocking
    Version: 0.1.0
    Really cool mod, very fun!
  2. Kingpendragon
    Version: 0.1.0
    Pretty fun, but a little hard to control.
    Bonus this is the BEST material for stairs: make a long column of plataforms, you can use the tech to get into the botton faster than freefalling and turn of the tech to climb back up by jumping on the plataform.
  3. Kneesocks
    Version: 0.1.0
    Cool idea, I like this mod but I have some feedback.. players are able to stand on these rails as platforms.. I'd like to use them as rails only. So you need the tech in order to access them. As it is.. I could see players just walking on top of them without the tech.. if they were required to have the tech to ride them then you could make rails leading to all sorts of fun things. Taking away the ability to walk on top of them would make this better imo. (if its possible. I tried changing the "platform" : true thing to false but the game wouldn't go past the loading screen)
  4. TheInvisibleMage
    Version: 0.1.0
    An excellent solution to planet-side travel, and an awesome idea!
  5. M4X_L10N
    Version: 0.1.0
    DL not working, can u upload a mirror please? This looks incredible
    1. Apjjm
      Author's Response
      I've added a mirror to the installation section.