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Skizot's Dozers 4.2.2

Vehicles of mass destruction :)

  1. LoPhatKao
    Skizot's Dozers v. Cheerful Giraffe (1.3 release)

    mini.png mega.png
    Although as of Dec 2015, only the art assets are from skizot's original mods...

    I just updated them since skizot hasn't been on since March 24, 2015 (over 5 9 1 year 5 months 2 years), and I love them so much.. (insert rule 34 joke here)

    If skizot comes back and says "Hey take that down!", I gladly will.

    Original threads (OUDATED! Do not use!):
    bulldozer ( I had done an update for this one before)

    Old Mod Spotlight video - OUTDATED - Angry Koala version depicted

    As of Glad Giraffe, the Dozers are not Techs - they are Vehicles!
    Purchase your controllers from the vehicle vendor in the outpost.
    (also compatible with the PortableOutpost vehicle vendor)

    Changes by me:
    Click to dig - hold LMB to dig out foreground, RMB to dig background
    Better blade code - could actually have a drill now, and make drill shaped holes (if there was art)
    Steerable Digging - while digging, aim up/down to raise/lower blade
    Animation - dozers will 'bounce' slightly while moving, driver moves arms + changes expression
    Damage - show smoke / fire as dozers gets damaged, destroy when 0 health, repair at Repairo
    Passengers - room for friends to ride along
    Destroys blocks - inventory will not fill up with most useless blocks (if dozer finds an ore in that type of block, it becomes 'useless')
    Item Vacuum - (Jump key) sucks items from floor up to driver for pickup

    Known Issues:
    - vehicle cursor does not match warp position
    - on minidozer, having cursor near center of dozer causes dozer to repeatedly flip - caused by where driver position is set to.. can't fix, sorry

    -- Again, I do not own these! -- if skizot wants me to take them down, I will
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. 2015-12-17_06-50-21.gif
    2. 2015-12-17_07-04-41.gif

Recent Updates

  1. SB 1.3 update
  2. ore dozing fix, whoops!
  3. finally uploaded

Recent Reviews

  1. Ldezzer
    Version: 4.2.2
    Already love this mod very much.

    The ability to mow down Mountains, Dungeons, Villages - literally everything - to make way for my own construction and just as a quick pathway for a hovercar is essential!
  2. Johannes130503
    Version: 4.2.2
    Can anyone update the mod? (2019)
  3. likiro404
    Version: 4.2.2
    я просто устал долбить грязь манипулятором материй и тут этот шикарный мод спс за этот мод
  4. Mirppc
    Version: 4.2.2
    This is one of the best mods i have used in Starbound and really one of the only assets i have added to my gameplay.
  5. jeffkorn
    Version: 4.2.2
    Excelente este mod.
  6. kaotyco
    Version: 4.2.1
    muito bom
  7. johivas
    Version: 4.2.1
    This is excellent, the first big thing I bought in my new game is the big bulldoser to mess-up my starting planet (I hate starting planets, particularly when they got no sand...). It was an excellent investment.

    A front spotlight or an aura would be cool, just to see like 5-6 blocks deep, it would permit me to stop in time when there is a container, I like to open those manually.
  8. MasterLederhosen
    Version: 4.2.1
    There's just something so relaxing in leveling an entire planet. I just got the mod and I love it already.
  9. ModDownloader007
    Version: 4.2
    Good For Building. When Will Skizot's Mech Be Released ;)
  10. jgb_3012
    Version: v4.1 Glad/Cheerful
    I'm picky about the mods I use and this one is great! although it could use a little improvement to the way it identifies which blocks to break/destroy (maybe a different version of the vehicle spawned when using left/right mouse buttons, or a storage compartment to identify blocks to keep or destroy). Now all I need is for someone to make some farming vehicles!