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Size of Life - Framework 1.91

Change the size of NPCs, monsters and yourself!

  1. FelmastProMcLane
    Compressed file contains 3 mods, Framework, Vanilla Species and Stat changes.


    After centuries of searching every planet and moon to introduce Tym-particles into every liquid imaginable.
    The Fermion Corporation introduces some variety in size of every person in the universe.
    For the low price of [Redacted] at the Infinity Market you can enjoy life from a different perspective.
    Or buy the brand new Tym-particle Beam and make your enemies tiny!
    • More asking tall people for help in the super-market, because there are now tall people.
    • Having to crouch to fit through doors. (What do you mean you can't?)
    • Reaching behind the sofa by walking there.
    • People will like you more! (Probably, it doesn't change you though)
    • Control the short people.


    After acquiring the Fermion Resizer, the Tym Particle Beam or Tym Grenades you can change NPCs or your size at will!
    Warning: Beam usage on pets and friendlies is disabled for safety.
    Try backing up your character before installing, there shouldn't a problem, but you never know.
    Changing sizes may be a bit laggy during changes.
    Use Star Extensions for clean image scaling, it looks really good.

    For Modders

    To change an NPCs size, altering the "bodysize" stat is all that's needed.
    A few status effects are provided to show how.
    Crew members store their size within the player, external changes may not be saved when respawning.
    Body size can affect different stats, like health and damage, it is disabled by default, changing the "defaultbodysize.statuseffect" (modifiesStats) value to "true" will activate this function, stats and calculations can be added via patches.

    For species

    Inside the "name.species" file, these stats can be used to set default values for the species.
    This mod is NOT required, and load order won't matter.
    A patch for humans is provided. (patch is disabled, used as example)
      "statusEffects" : [ 
        {"stat" : "bodysizebase", "baseValue" : 0.9}, //Min starting value (90%)
        {"stat" : "bodysizerange", "baseValue" : 0.2} //Max value (90% + 20% = 110%)
    I tried making it as uninstallable as possible, "reset" yourself using the interface and then delete the Fermion resizer and Tym Particle items before uninstalling.
    You may get a "duplicate callback named effect" error when loading, try loading again, if not, then :(
    I haven't had an unfixable problem, so you are good.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. starext.png
    2. not so tough.png
    3. resize_interface.png

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