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Outdated Sieve's Rebalanced Shit 0.9

Rebalances weapons, especially guns.

  1. Sieve
    So in light of the recent gun re-balancing I've come up with my own solution.
    This version is very beta as I simply cannot collect enough data myself to say for sure that it's fixed, but I can at least put it up so others can see for themselves.

    - Base DPS of all weapons increases with rarity
    This has several nice effects, notably that crappyspears won't be outclassing legendary bonehammers of unholy fury and whatnot
    It also means that you can actually find weapons that are better than crafted ones (Crafted ones are ~a perfect uncommon weapon roll/a low rare roll stat-wise)​
    - Base DPS range increased on guns
    Gives more variety in damage, and an almost-universal boost brings them closer to melee weapons in terms of usefulness
    2-handed guns all have higher overall DPS than 1-handed ones, since the 1-handers do have the option of supplementing with a second or using a shield​
    - Gun energy scaling reduced
    The energy scaling on guns is now a the inverse function of the damage curve (albeit shifted)
    In other words, the energy cost of the guns will increase more uniformly with the damage dealt, and this should also eliminate most cases of un-fireable weapons​

    Please, feel free to post any thoughts you have on the current results, or post stats from memorably good/bad weapons you find throughout your travels. (Along with version please)

    Mirror for those that need it:

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply unzip into your "/Starbound/mods/" folder


Recent Reviews

  1. gtdcarthage
    Version: 0.9
    This mod greatly enhanced my and a friend's play experience - especially since we genuinely wanted guns to actually work and help us survive. We were extremely frustrated about most of our ranged pickups greatly underperforming against melee weapons.