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Shizubelle 5.0

A race of Isabelle and Digby like canids

  1. Shizubelle

    A race of Isabelle and Digby like canids.
    Patches and Update to this race will be worked on by time to time.
    Hope ya enjoy.

    This is a update patch that modified some of the sprites and other misc in this mod.

    P.s. You strat with a Fishing Rod, a Bug Net, and the fable Shizubelle Sword in your ship storage.

    I've been trying to post the FR patch and a "Free fluff" sprite add on for the mod, but I keep running into a sever error, so I'll just leave a link to download both mod patches....
  2. Shizubelle

    *Adjustment to The Shizubelle SXF was made.
    *The Mod is now out of Aphla and is in Beta!

    Now That I feel that this mod have somewhat of a firm structure to work with, I'll be jumping to a bigger step and start doing some town coding and sprite modifications. A FR patch for the mod have already been release so you all can go check it out! Town encounter might be possible soon, and other Misc are in the works. If you have any questions or ideas, you can share with me in the discussion forum...