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Shipyard Rebuilt - now with farming dome, warehouse 200 crew limit 4.00

Customizable shipworld w/all "T9" vanilla ships, larger fuel tanks, giant ship yard, 200 crew, cake

  1. Delete old version and read update notes

    Noteworthy changes please read -

    1. Those who had issues with new characters while also using FU (courtesy of their new BYOS addition) shouldn't have issues anymore. This mod will now supersede their ship. Nothing against them, but I would presume that if you wanted to use FU's BYOS ship then naturally you wouldn't install this or any other ship mods. Plus this is necessary for the mods to coexist now given how they're both implemented. I might look into retaining a hybrid option down...
  2. Fixed legal upgrades, T9 upgrading without admin

    I fixed the (vanilla) mechanic that prevented legally upgrading your ship because the crew count wasn't maxed(at 200 lol). It works out to match the vanilla crew count, but without requiring a low crew max.

    I had forgotten to include the ability to upgrade to the T9 level (without requiring admin commands). That's fixed as well.

    I'll probably start fixing different mod race's pets next, and work out a way to get their objects etc in a treasurepool but without causing issues for those...
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  3. Now Compatible with MadTulip's ship mod! Easier server usage.

    The titles says it all...most. Sorry but your existing Hylotl ship's platforms are going to turn to dirt. So craft new and replace them. I had to rename them, but the reason I did was so very worth the inconvenience.

    The mod is now compatible with Mad Tulip's ship mod! Well you need the life support patch mod too or... you'll die right away because I'm not installing the vents for you. I had to run through a few hoops to make it work(hence the platforms). There are (destroy-able)...
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  4. Small compatibilty improvement

    Added a fake T10 tier for characters that may already have a mod ship upgraded to that level. Nothing else yet. But I just saw my mod listed on the Library-Games page within Steam - where they're promoting a few Workshop mods - WOOT
    I can finally retire from my life of retail... but not really.
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  5. workshop version is live finally

  6. It's back + more

    After much unnecessary delay, it is back. Plus a large farming dome and warehouse. The description is old but I'm not messing with that today.

    And Steam or the uploader(dunno which) seems to hate me so this is going to be forum only for now until I resolve that problem.
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  7. Added shipworld to dropbox

    I uploaded a shipworld to use in my dropbox folder for people who need that to upgrade their characters. Again back up your player folder before attempting it. I won't be responsible for those that don't. Directions are on the main page.

    I also posted some pictures. Yes I hate the "airlocks" I used. I'm going to create a better solution to replace those. They are a "for now" solution that doesn't make it look like the ships and hallway are one piece.

    This place is really too huge to...