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Outdated Ship Item Tweaks 0.9 for Enraged Koala

Move the default ship items where you like, keep enough fuel in your ship for adventure.

  1. h4int
    Compatible with Beta v. Enraged Koala

    This is a very simple mod which does basically two things.

    Firstly, all vanilla ships' fuel capacity is increased to 5000.

    Secondly, It allows you to break down and move the:
    • Teleportation Pad
    • Ship Locker
    • Tech Station
    • Fuel Hatch
    • Captain's Chair

    I've seen these things done within huge custom ships, and the ever popular FCS, but this is for a more simpler and closer to vanilla experience, but with the added convenience.

    Installation: Unzip the archive, and place the "Ship Item Tweaks 0.9" folder into the "mods" directory. It's ready to enjoy for a new character, but for existing characters, you will have to move all of your things off-ship (and out of the ship locker!) and delete your .shipworld file before the changes will take effect.

    • Don't destroy or throw and lose the ship items, because you'll have to move all of your things off-ship and delete your .shipworld file to get them back.
    • Also, crazy and bad things might happen if you place the fuel hatch, teleporter, or captain's chair anywhere not on your ship.
    • Additionally, if you place the captain's chair too far forward, you may get stuck in your ship's windshield and have to hit the teleport button or break the chair, but it can be moved forward a bit without causing this, just leave room for your character to stand up.
    Drop me a message if there are any bugs, suggestions, or if you've already created this mod as a stand-alone. It's free to use, distribute, do whatever you like with, all credit goes to Chucklefish and the modders who put these features in their fantastic mods.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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  1. Pallladium
    Version: 0.9 for Enraged Koala
    its great thanks